Alien Solar System

Item: SCP-9361

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: as SCP-9361 hides itself all containment is to prevent anyone from entering the area of space were
SCP-9361 is located in the event of intersteller space travel being invented warnings are to be made using foundation space drones

Description: SCP-9361 is the designation given to a solar system located within the █████ arm of the Milky Way galaxy
that consists of a red dwarf star and five (5) planets most of which have life SCP-9361 seems to hide itself to anyone who is not within
the system past SCP-9361-5.
strangely SCP-9361'S goldylocks zone or habitable zone seems to be all planets past SCP-9361-1
Planets that make up SCP-9361 are not allowed to be viewed by anyone of level 3 or lower level

[Please input password]

Welcome autherized personnel

SCP-9361-1 a small rocky planet to close to the sun for life

SCP-9361-2 a medium desert like planet home to many strange reptilian creatures

SCP-9361-3 a small planet mostly made up of mountains gome to insectoid creatures

SCP-9361-4 is a medium planet only made up of ocean home to many creatures of varrying similarities to things on earth

SCP-9361-5 is a large gas giant that strangely is still home to life that is almost impossible to compare to anything on earth