The Marine Radio

Item #: SCP XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP XXXX should be kept in an empty room containing only one radio, the radio must be switched on at all times. Security personnel assigned to it should follow these standard procedures when entering XXXX's chamber: No electronics aside from the radio should enter the room unless requested.

The SCP is a grey marine radio with seven unresponsive buttons under the microphone. The object sends radio transmissions to electronics and is capable of interrupting phone calls, transmissions, and any working sound system.Thought it will often refuse to answer, the object appears to be able to understand human speech and respond to what is being said.

It has been shown to repeat the four following lines in the presence of a radio and several other electronics: "I'll wat for you at ██████ ","Roger that","I need help", and "Behind you". It is yet unknown why it repeats these lines, but it is believed that it is trying to lure personnel to █████ by mimicking humans. However the SCP does not pose a threat and is incapable of harming humans.

Lines of SCP XXXX answering questions have been recorded and are kept at Site ██. Its voice is that of a male and is greatly distorted. The object has been observed tampering with the radio kept in its containment chamber using it to transmit consecutive low pitch tones and shows signs of distress by disrupting facility electronics if the radio is removed.