Alogicab's SCP ideas/drafts
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Item #: SCP-3472

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3472 is currently contained in a box on the lower level of Site-██.

Description: SCP-3472 is a ceramic dinner plate, designed in a style commonly used in the 1970's. The outer edge of the plate has decorative roses, lilies, and other flora. The creator of the plate is currently unknown to the Foundation.
SCP-3472’s anomalous effects manifest when a living human(hereafter referred to as SCP-3472-1)comes within 80 centimetres of it. SCP-3472 produces a plate of SCP-3472-1’s “favourite food”. Interestingly enough, whatever has been generated(regardless of how SCP-3472-1 prefers it)will be at a temperature of 50° Celcius. After SCP-3472-1 consumes said food, the plate generates another instance of SCP-3472-1’s favourite food. This process repeats until SCP-3472-1 exits the area of effect. If multiple humans enter SCP-3472's area of effect, the first will become SCP-3472-1. If multiple humans enter at the same time, SCP-3472 will "pick" one person, seemingly at random. Humans wearing woollen oven mitts (with at least 2.5 milligrams of wool) are able to enter SCP-3472’s area of effect without triggering SCP-3472’s anomalous effects.
Addendum: SCP-3472 was discovered in 199█ in an Italian establishment by the name of ██████. It first came to the Foundation's attention after numerous reviews reading of a "perfect restaurant". An agent was embedded in the restaurant's staff to scout out any anomalous objects or entities and became aware of SCP-3472's existence after noticing that SCP-3472 was kept in a separate cupboard from other dishes. The agent also reported that when a "food critic"1 entered the restaurant and asked for the waiter's choice, the waiter suggested the "daily special", and when asked about what said special was, did not provide more detail. Afterwards, the waiter walked into the food preparation area, put on oven mitts, took SCP-3472 from its cupboard, placed it on a platter with a covering, (while SCP-3472 was still empty), and walked back outside. The waiter avoided all customers except for the agent who had ordered the food, lowering the platter next to the agent. The agent became SCP-3472-1 and SCP-3472 acted as expected, creating a meal of spaghetti and meatballs. The waiter then revealed and served SCP-3472 onto another plate, giving that plate to the agent. It is worth noting that even after the food was removed from SCP-3472, it did not create another instance of spaghetti. After both agents shared their experiences with each other, it became clear that SCP-3472 was an anomaly, as well as how the agents could transport it. The embedded agent quietly retrieved both the oven mitts and SCP-3472 from the restaurant, and it was transported to the Foundation without further complications. All restaurant employees were interviewed and then given class-A amnesiacs, under the suggestion of Dr. █████.