alone tale
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I sit in an empty void of white surrounded by a mess of abominations. While I sit on nothingness itself, I watch a dog with no face skimp by. A telephone able to contact other worlds.

Then, I see it. A wave. An impossible wave of water, hundreds of meters tall. I tried to run, hide, but there was no hope. As millions of creatures and objects are swept into the oblivion, I crouch down on my knees and kneel to my fate. I don't want to be forgotten. I don't want to be swept away. But maybe its for the better.

After I think its all over, I see it. A block of text. Words on a screen, infinitely large. Everything is gone. I see numbers. Letters. Symbols. Names. Others are talking to me. I try to talk to them. They don't listen. "Dr. Smalls. Age 38. Clearance Level 4". I repeat the words in my head as I try to hold onto reality. I can't hold on any longer. Nobody truly remembers me. Wait- Calzaroli? I see messages from Calzaroli. He asks where I am. I try to yell. I try to scream. Nothing. He still remembers. Remember. What am I forgetting?

Forget, forget, forget. Fade away into the darkness.

I- I don't

I don't want to be forgotten. No, please, remember me. Remember me. You still remember, you could-! As I scream I watch Calzaroli fade off as he suffers my very fate. I begin to chip and frail. Losing mass. Fast.

I am forgotten.

I am forgotten.

We could have stopped it while we had the chance. But we didn't. I didn't. I failed. We failed them.

…The last man in the world sits in an empty room. There is a loud knock on the door.