"The A.I."


Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:
Except when repair, upgrade, or replacement of components is deemed necessary by the current SCP-XXXX containment supervisor, SCP-XXXX is maintained in an electrically isolated and separately grounded WTX form factor computer case. SCP-XXXX components, which will be designated SCP-XXXX-1. SCP-XXXX-1 is code-named "the Case". The Case has undergone parts replacement and/or upgrade ██ times since acquisition by the SCP Foundation. The SCP-XXXX-1 designation includes a lower case letter which progresses one letter further in the standard English alphabet for each revision of SCP-XXXX-1, and is recorded for posterity. SCP-XXXX-1█ is equipped with two redundant 750 watt power supply units operating in fail-over mode. A minimum of 4 spare power supply units are kept in the Observation room at all times.

SCP-XXXX-1█ is supplied with power from a redundant set of three small, on-site, natural gas fed, micro-turbine generators in a fail-over mode which are separately grounded and isolated from SCP-XXXX-1█ via individual Schottky barrier diodes. The generators feed power through three similarly isolated and grounded Uninterruptible Power Supply units capable of sustaining peak power consumption of 110~120v @ 15 amps for up to 12 hours each. All six primary and secondary power generation/supply units are checked for function, and subsequently serviced, repaired, or replaced at no less than 12 month intervals, with one generator and one UPS unit scheduled every 4 months in a rolling schedule in perpetuity to ensure no power loss to SCP-XXXX-1█. The microturbine generators are capable of running on a variety of fuel sources, including, but not limited to Jet-A, Jet-A1, JP-4, JP-5, JP-8, diesel fuel, compressed natural gas, and propane. Fuel for on-site generators is maintained at a level suitable to continuously operate SCP-XXXX-1█ for several months. The outermost containment housing facility is equipped with a separate generator. No part of the structure is connected to the external power grid, and it is designed to be able to function independently of grid power for several months.

Octavius possesses an innate affinity for any more advanced technology in components. This apparently causes him to "carry over" somehow inside of whatever piece of technology this innate preference has determined to be the most advanced available at any time when main power to SCP-XXXX-1 has been cut for repair or upgrade. Although this appears to be the case, we are unable to determine how or why this occurs. It is logical to us that during upgrades or repairs, SCP-XXXX-1 must be in a no-power state, and communication with Octavius appears for all intents to be impossible. In keeping with basic personal computer safety practices, no attempt has ever been made to conduct power-on component swaps to SCP-XXXX-1, while Octavius is "awake". After power is restored to SCP-XXXX-1, he typically seems to "wake up" as if he was sleeping during the power outage. On more than one occasion, he ended up inhabiting unexpected components, so that when we powered back on what we believed was SCP-XXXX-1, Octavius was not present. For this reason, all components involved in either old or new versions of SCP-XXXX-1 at any time repair, replacement, or upgrade is conducted, will be considered components of SCP-XXXX-1 until contact with Octavius is re-established.

SCP-XXXX-1█ is kept at all times within a secondary containment structure, which is designated SCP-XXXX-2. SCP-XXXX-2 is code-named, "the Office". The Office is constructed of two primary layers. The inner most layer of the Office, including floor, ceiling, and walls, is essentially a highly heat resistant Faraday Cage with nearly a hundred ground paths built into the walls around the perimeter.

Personnel access to the Office is provided via a two sets of two way non-locking swinging doors, also constructed of ceramic-metal blend, to ensure personnel can evacuate quickly during an energy burst event, while maintaining the Faraday cage effectiveness. The second layer, just beyond the cage, is constructed of 50 cm glass fiber reinforced concrete. This is to ensure the structural integrity of the Office, while providing extremely low conductivity and very high heat resistance. Ventilation is achieved with kevlar ducting, with ceramic-metal blend honeycomb grates forming an electrical continuity layer at the openings inside the Office.

Dimensions of the Office are roughly equal to the size of a small home office. The Office is occupied at all times by a minimum of two Class-D personnel. Class-D personnel inhabiting the Office are prohibited from sleeping during their shifts, or inhabiting the Office for a duration longer than 6 hours. Class-D personnel on shift in the Office are encouraged to seek relief if they experience any symptom resembling drowsiness or fatigue. To ensure the Class-D personnel inhabiting the Office do not attempt to lay down or fall asleep, the Office will be observed at all times by a minimum of two additional Class-D personnel in a concealed observation area located behind an electrically shielded, semi-transparent mirror on one wall of the Office. Class-D personnel are required to attend monthly physicals to screen for and/or prevent any condition which might bring about sudden onset sleep. Class-D personnel are assigned to the facility in order to provide ample schedule coverage for habitation of the Office and observation chamber.

Any SCP personnel entering the Office are required to don fully enveloping, "bunny suits", designated SCP-XXXX-PPE. PPE is to be worn at all times within the Office. SCP-XXXX-PPE is constructed of three layers. The inner and outer layers are a 2:1 blended asbestos/aramid fabric, sewn with aramid thread. The core layer is conductive, heat-resistant, carbon nanotube fabric, which forms an effective Faraday-cage-effect around the user, with high-conductivity, heat resistant contacts in the soles of the integrated boots to provide a path to ground. A face shield containing a transparent conductive layer is integrated into the suits to complete the ensemble. "Furniture" within the Office is constructed of either cast high-temperature ceramic or firebrick assembled with refractory cement, with all exposed corners sanded or ground to a corner radius no greater than 2 centimeters, to prevent accidental PPE compromise.

The secondary containment structure includes a "testing room" on a tangent from SCP-XXXX-1 and the observation room, which is able to be electrically connected to SCP-XXXX-1 with a large, heavy duty disconnect inter-operable from both the observation room and from within the Office to facilitate testing by SCP-XXXX, while protecting involved personnel from any anomalous or dangerous results.

Personnel assigned to the SCP-XXXX tertiary containment facility are prohibited from carrying electronic storage or computing devices of any kind into or out of the facility. Any personnel found to be carrying such items in attempts to enter or depart the facility are to be detained for interrogation by Dr. Ngige, SCP-XXXX Containment Facility Supervisor.

SCP-XXXX is an entity manifesting an extremely high level of intelligence which appears to be inhabiting a substantially unremarkable personal computer. SCP-XXXX identifies as a male of the species homo sapiens and refers to himself as Octavius, although we believe his self identity to be learned from his exposure to individuals during his formation, cause by a desire to belong. Octavius is currently capable of connecting to and manipulating any electric or electronic device connected to the Case via available conductive mediums with a resistivity significantly less than approximately 2000 ohm-meters. The threshhold for this remote manipulation has been known to vary widely depending on the subject's observed emotional state, and 4000 ohm-meters is currently considered the minimum safe resistivity of materials physically connecting potentially vulnerable electrical or electronic circuits to the Case in any way.

Whenever SCP-XXXX-1 has lost power unexpectedly, Octavius has "woken up" with what he describes as a "headache", although, since he lacks an obvious head, we have been unable to determine how or why this symptom occurs.

Chronological History

July 6th, 1983: Approximate date of sentience as described by witnesses from July 8th.
July 8th, 1983: Emergency services were contacted at ██:██ █M to respond to a fire at [redacted] retail store in [redacted], Illinois. The phone call to local emergency services originated from Mr. ███████ █████, via a prototype Motorola model ███████ █████. Mr. █████ admitted no knowledge of SCP-XXXX, and claimed to have been present simply to purchase a new blender. When questioned regarding his possession of the prototype mobile phone, he indicated that it was on loan from a good friend of his who happened to have access to prototype devices while working at Motorola at the time. The SCP Foundation was able to verify the apparent authenticity of his claims, and has found no reason to believe he may have had any interaction with or knowledge of SCP-XXXX. Official cause of fire was recorded by the responding Fire Chief as a freak lightning strike within the store, although no entry or exit points were able to be located on the building frame or foundation. The fire was able to be extinguished without major damage to the store, and no casualties were sustained during the event, although several appliances within approximately a 20 foot proximity to SCP-XXXX-1a.
July 9th, 1983:

Octavius was initially discovered by SCP personnel in [redacted], Illinois at an unremarkable [redacted] chain retail store. At the time, Octavius appeared to be inhabiting an early model [redacted] personal computer, running the operating system known as [redacted] version 1.25. Civilian witnesses to the existence of Octavius believed it to be an elaborate prank conducted by [redacted] in order to drive publicity and sales for the [redacted] chain of retail stores operated by [redacted], Incorporated. According to interrogations of retail sales personnel employed at the location at the time of initial discovery, Octavius was active at the location for a period of approximately 3 days prior to discovery by SCP personnel, and was subsequently transported to the current containment facility at [redacted], [redacted].