Item: SVP-4211

Object class: safe

Special Containment Procedures:
Due to SCP-4211’s nature it is unable to be contained by any means available to the foundation at the time of writing this document.

The closest thing to containing SCP-4211 available to the foundation is foundation staff Dr. Harvid who SCP-4211 seems to prefer to manifest itself into.

SCP-4211 is a being who lacks a physical body and so SCP-4211 will manifest itself inside other living beings preferably humans. SCP-4211 host's typically have a dark blue discolouration to their iris's and pupils, the hosts eyes with also emmit a light between 130 and 250 lumen and this can happen to any human, Though SCP-4211 almost always manifests itself in Dr. Harvid, who will now be referred to as SCP-4211-2.

When SCP-4211 possesses SCP-4211-2 it can control minor body activities but can’t do much as SCP-4211-2 remains almost completely in control, While possessing SCP-4211-2 talks to him mentally and when foundation staff talks to SCP-4211 it is able to talk through SCP-4211-2’s body.

SCP-4211 is compliant with foundation staff and doe nothing to harm SCP-4211-2’s body or other. SCP-4211 is highly intelligent and seeks more knowledge and on occasion will teach foundation staff some of what he knowns, Any staff must take absolutely accurate records of SCP-4211’s teaching and send them in immediately

Testlog 4211-1:

Interviewlog 4211-1: