AManOfGreatScience SCP-4341

Item #: SCP - 4341 (A.K.A. The Merchant Of Death)

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4341 is to be kept in a standard containment unit with a double reinforced steel door in site █. There are to be 2 heavily armed guards outside the door of SCP-4341. SCP-4341 is only accessible to personnel with a security clearance of level 4 or higher. Any item “purchased” from SCP-41341 is to be concealed in a plastic container and is to be later chemically analyzed and in some cases tested by D-Class personnel.

Description: SCP- 4341 is a bald 6ft tall Caucasian man appearing to be in his late 40’s dressed in all black with a large trench coat and fedora. SCP- 4341 When given any form of currency for an item SCP - 4341 will pull an object out of his trench coat depending on what the transaction is for. No one has been able to confirm how SCP-4341 is able to grab said items from his trench coat and SCP-4341 has refused to tell any personnel who ask, most researchers theorize that SCP-4341 may use his own personal pocket dimension but tests have become inconclusive. Most of the items “sold” by SCP-4341 are considered illegal and such as but not limited to drugs, weapons, and alcohol. The major factor of SCP-4341’s anomalous ability is that the items he gives are "50/50" with either the item being deadly to the user or deadly to someone else. SCP-4341 is aware of the “50/50” nature of his ability and his response was “Screw it, it’s the buyers fault for dealing with a shady individual”.

SCP-4341 was recovered on █-█-█ in ██████████ after being apprehended by local police. SCP-4341 was apprehended by officers after an investigation made by local detectives about a string of drug deals, weapon sales, and murders occurred with all witnesses to said crimes pointing out the involvement of a “tall man dressed in black”. When SCP-4341 was brought into custody he was asked to empty his pockets and when he said he had nothing the officers frisked him and found nothing yet again. During his interrogation SCP-4341 pulled out a cigarette and a lighter from his trench coat to the officers surprise. The process of frisking and cavity searches with him still pulling out items from his coat until the officer doing his interrogation became “fed up” as SCP-4341 put it and decided to try again in the morning while he would be locked up in the station. During the night foundation members posing as the FBI took SCP-4341 into the foundations custody.

Interviewed: [SCP-4341]


Dr. Kelsen: Hello SCP-4341.

SCP-4341: Hello Doctor. (SCP-4341 pauses for a moment and grabs a pack of smokes from his trench coat) Cigarette?

Dr. Kelsen: sure. (A guard confiscates the cigarette from SCP-4341 and seals it in a plastic bag)

SCP-4341: Well that was rude. Last time I give away something for free.

Dr. Kelsen: My apologies but this is merely a formality.

SCP-4341: Yeah, yeah. So you have some questions or did you just wanna say hi.

Dr. Kelsen: Of course, lets get started shall we, why do you wear all black?

SCP-4341: I would do my deals at night, so why not obscure myself to make me harder to find, of course that doesn't really matter now. Really I just wear this 'cause I like it.

Dr. Kelsen: Alright then, where exactly do you get the items you "sell"?

SCP-4341: Sorry, I never give my sources to clients.

Dr. Kelsen: You've told several scientists this multiple times could you please elaborate on-

SCP-4341: I think we are done here!


Closing Statement: It was found out later that the cigarette given to Dr. Kelsen was laced with cyanide after a chemical analysis, when asked about this SCP-4341 responded by saying,"Hey I can't always control if someone gets something good or bad, it was a simple mistake alright, now where the hell is the bathroom?!"