SCP XXXX The Transforming Bugs

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Class: Euclid

Special containment procedures: SCP XXXX-1 specimens are to be contained at site ███████ a biosphere designed to simulate a rain forest habitat. All specimens must be kept account of, permission is granted to terminate any that manage to breach containment.

Personal are not allowed to enter SCP XXXX-1 containment area without permission of site manager Dr Thompson and must be accompanied by armed personal, all staff personal entering are to wear bio hazard suits for their own protection. Specimens are hostile and will attack humans on sight.

SCP XXXX-2 specimens may be contained in standard humanoid containment cells with moderate security measures put in place, they are to be kept at a separate location. Under no circumstances are SCP XXXX-2 specimens permitted to know the location of the biosphere, if a specimen dose discover the biosphere's location permission is granted to terminate said specimen.

-2 specimens will normally remain docile unless provoked or threatened, staff may interact with specimens on the condition they have read the supporting documents regarding interaction procedures. It is recommended that security personal are present in the event of the specimens become hostile, any eggs they produce are to be delivered to the biosphere or destroyed before they hatch.

Description: SCP XXXX is a species of currently unknown origin, SCP XXXX - 1 refers to members in the early stages of their life cycle and SCP XXXX - 2 refers to specimens who have reached the final stage in their life cycle.

- 1 specimens appear to be a giant spices of beetle, when fully mature they can be as large as 7 feet in length, and appear to be a type of Carabidae.

Mature specimens behave in a similar manner to a normal beetle until it encounters a living human where it will attack by ejecting a spray form its abdomen. On contact the chemical substance burns the target's skin and causes paralysis within 1 minute of contact, - 1 specimens will then proceed to swallow the target whole, head first while the victim is still alive, once complete it will retreat to a safe location, such as a tunnel or nest.

After consuming its prey - 1 will enter a chrysalis phase ending with - 2 specimen emerging form it, the enter process takes less than 3 days. Specimens are entirely identical to the victim, even having the same tattoos and scars as the original. - 2 specimens are intelligent and capable of communication, and possess the same knowledge and skill set as the victim before consumption. They will act as if they are the original however a DNA test only finds around 40 to 50% similarly with samples collected form the victim before consumption. - 2 specimens are normally friendly and helpful in nature, volunteering to aid the foundation in any way they can and are often less violent and disruptive than typical D class personnel. However if provoked or threatened they will respond with lethal force, using their teeth to tear off chunks of flesh, once the offender has been terminated they will calm down and appear to act remorseful for their actions. Note that - 2 specimens are stronger than humans and are immune to pain, security are advised to maintain a distance of at least 6 feet and use firearms to terminate hostile specimens. All members of SCP XXXX can identify each-other on sight and - 1 will not attempt to consume - 2 specimens.

Every 7 to 8 months - 2 specimens will produce around 1 to 3 eggs by regurgitation, their throats and mouths are forced to stretch further than it naturally should be able without sustaining injury. Eggs hatch and develop like a normal beetle would, once it has reached maturity it is ready to begin consumption and transformation - 2 specimens will aid them in finding a human target. Their first attempts will normally be by trying to trick or persuade humans to go close to - 2 specimens, by leading them to nests, as a last resort they may use force.

SCP XXXX was discovered in ████████, an isolated town in █████ Africa. Approximately 1/3 of the towns towns 312 residence had been replaced with - 2 specimens without the remaining population being aware of their existence. A number of tunnels had been dug underground leading to a nest housing - 1 specimens in various stages of development, inducing those in a cocooned stage.

A task force was sent to contain and capture SCP XXXX, they met heavy resistance but where successful in terminating or capturing every member of SCP XXXX at that location. It is unknown if any SCP XXXX specimens exist outside of containment, if there are any they must be captured or terminated at the first opportunity.