The Imaginary SCP

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: XXXX Physical containment is impossible, however it’s spread can be prevented if personnel re-frame form discussing the existence of SCP XXXX except when under specific circumstances.

Infected D class personnel are only permitted to interact with other infected individuals, if you encounter an affected individual who attempts to speak with you directly about their experience with SCP XXXX you are to interrupt, disable or otherwise prevent them from speaking or yourself form hearing them and report the incident.

If you are an affected individual, attempts to discuss details regarding SCP XXXX outside of theory sessions will be met with disciplinary actions.

Although physical containment is not possible a number of containers have designated as being containers for XXXX, such as strong boxes, thermoflask, jars, lockers ect. These containers are empty, and do not contain any SCP’s, they exist for the benefit of those under SCP XXXX’s effects, please refrain from tampering with these containers, in the event one is damaged it should be replaced.

Description: SCP XXXX is a sheared delusion that is currently being experienced by a large number of foundation personnel. Affected individuals have a strong believe in a non-existent SCP that poses a great threat to their well being.

Each individual has their own interpretation on what exactly SCP XXXX, although each is different, all have the following features in common.

• The designated number of SCP XXXX is consistent among all affected.

• It is ether an object or creature of some description and is sentient.

• It thought to be extremely dangerous by the individual, often persevered to be the
most dangerous SCP.

• The affected individual’s believe they are in some way the primary target of SCP XXXX

• Those affected believe that SCP XXXX can’t be destroyed or terminated by any means.

Symptoms of SCP XXXX include anxiety, paranoia, depression and sleep deprivation, if left untreated individuals have a high chance of devolving a mental illness, normally PDST or schizophrenia, and in later stages may become homicidal or suicidal.

SCP XXXX’s effects are contagious, the effect appears to be spread though communication, as infected individuals discuses the nature of SCP XXXX to non-infected personal. Verbal communication has highest risk of infecting others, whether it be face to face or a recorded message, a clip as short as 30 seconds have been enough to infect others. Reading a description by an infected individual in first person has a lower risk but a 150 word description can be enough.

Exactly how susceptible an individual is to SCP XXXX is depended on 4 main factors, more intelligent and creative an individuals are at a higher risk as well as those who have a history substance abuse or who have a phobia of some description. No individuals appear to be immunise to SCP XXX's effects, only resistant and able to be exposed multiple times before they succumb to it's effects.

There is no cure for SCP XXXX, symptoms can be suppressed and if treatment begins early psychological damage can be kept to a minimum and avoid the risk of developing mental illness.
Treatment consists of prescribed medication and pations being offered an item that “contains” SCP XXXX. No version of SCP XXXX can be terminated however containment is beleaved possible, the exisitance of this document as an offishal entry on SCP XXXX has also helped those affected. Denying the existance of SCP XXXX courses pations further stress, acnoliging it's exsitance but assuring them that it's contained is by far the best way to mimimise it's effects and allow infected personell to continue working.

The origins of XXXX are unknown, one theory is that it's the result or side effect coursed by another SCP in containment, however has yet to be proven. The first recorded incident was with Dr Miller working on site 15, Miller began to get frustrated when he could not find the entry for an SCP XXXX. He gave his co workers a discripsion however they confermed that no such object was in containment. Over time be began to get increasingly more frustrated over the days as he was still unable to find any documentation on SCP XXXX, this lead to panic as he conceded that SCP XXXX had breached containment and was going to kill him.

He barricaded himself in his study with a firearm and took four other foundation personal as hostages, beleaving them to be working with SCP XXXX. Fortunately no one was harmed as negotiators managed to convince Miller to exit his office without harming his hostages. The incident was assumed to be a result of work related stress, Dr Miller was ordered to go on sick leave while his employment was under review.

However over the next few day’s personal that Miller had described SCP XXXX began to shear is delusions and exprance the same symptoms, SCP XXXX then spread across the site and even to other sites. Forchunity the foundation was able to gain control of the situation early and get infected individuals the proper treatment. One fatality occurred, as a member of D class murdered his roommate thinking him to be SCP XXXX.

Those under the effects of SCP XXXX can be treated with prescribed anti-anxiety medication, and group therapy where those affected can freely discuss there experience of SCP XXXX with each-other, without further spread. However the most effective treatment is to provide subjects with "evidence" that SCP XXXX has been contained, these measures do not need to be complex. A simple box with the words "SCP XXXX" written on it can be enough to provide comfort to individuals under it's effects.