Tale in progress. Tale will attempt to take certain SCPs and link them to the Abrahamic faith. This could be done via 343 telling staff about it, or through a dream a staff member had, probably the latter. A few SCPs left to piece together before I can begin true writing, for now, I simply need to present the connections I have drawn to make this tale. For starters:

The Gate Gaurdian will be regarded as the true 001 for this tale specifically, due to the Abrahamic nature.

Abel and Cain will represent the Biblical Abel and Cain.

343 is to be regarded as the Anti-Christ. A trickster who wishes to deceive people into believing he is God.

682 is a manifestation of Satan, specifically the Beast foretold in Revelation.

The Scarlet King is Satan. No holds barred, he is straight up Satan. The seventh bride could be the woman who is chased by the dragon according to Revelation or something else. Several options to choose from with her.

The true Abrahamic God has yet to be defined by SCP terms to my knowledge. Might find it later, but for now, he is to be seen as a voice in the sky.

999 may be intertwined due to his affiliation with the Scarlet King. I don't know yet. Having him in anything makes it seem anomalously more funny.

That is all for now. More connections will be made. My Reddit, u/Amazinglizard4, will soon be updated with my thoughts on this Abrahamic headcanon via r/SCP. I've already displayed a primitive idea about 682's status as Satan. Expect a follow-up on that. For now, if anyone sees this and knows of some Abrahamic style articles that could be linked, let me know. Reddit is probably the best place to contact me.