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Item #: SCP-5XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to its nature, SCP-5XXX cannot be conventionally contained. A disinformation campaign is to be carried out asserting that it is a vestigial organ from humanity's evolutionary past.

In accordance with Procedure 5XXX-Alpha, any SCP-5XXX-1 instance with extensive knowledge of the Foundation or the anomalous must be either brought into the Foundation as an employee, or terminated. Extensive knowledge constitutes evidence that these things exist, and a willingness to share said evidence.

SCP-5XXX-1 instances employed by the foundation should be kept away from roles involved with secure information, due to the near impossibility of removing said information from the memories of -1 instances.

Description: SCP-5XXX is a brain structure found in approximately 0.013% of people - referred to as SCP-5XXX-1 instances - that is capable of producing strong mnestic chemicals in response to unknown stimuli. As such, any person in possession of the SCP-5XXX structure will have greatly reduced response to amnestics and other memory-altering effects (including anomalous ones), and a greatly improved conventional long-term memory.1 SCP-5XXX-1 instances are also anomalously drawn to to antimemetic objects and ideas, and possess some level of shielding from their effects.

SCP-5XXX is theorised to be a now-redundant defence against memory-altering and antimemetic predators in humanity's distant past. These predators would have been very hard to perceive or remember, and likely would have extended these traits to their victims. SCP-5XXX would have served as an effective defence by making SCP-5XXX-1 instances much more capable of perceiving, tracking and warning others of these predators. It is known to the Foundation that such entities did exist and were at times extremely widespread, making this a likely explanation for SCP-5XXX's existence.

The chemicals produced by SCP-5XXX are highly unstable outside of the body, and rapidly deteriorate when exposed to air, light and most chemical tests. As such, the makeup of the chemicals is entirely unknown, and is likely impossible to test with the Foundation's current technology. In the few cases that the chemicals have survived outside the body for long enough to be injected into a baseline human, they have had the expected result - nullifying the effects of amnestics.

Of note is that around 2% of Foundation employees are SCP-5XXX-1 instances, over 150 times the expected number. This is partially due to the use of Procedure 5XXX-Alpha, and also likely due to the Foundation's use of amnestics not properly wiping the memories of unknown SCP-5XXX-1 instances, making them more likely to remember and attempt to join the Foundation.

Addendum 5XXX-1: Procedure 5XXX-Alpha

Procedure 5XXX-Alpha is designed to minimise the risk of an information breach or possible Lifted Veil scenario due to an SCP-5XXX-1 instance gaining information on the Foundation or the anomalous in general and spreading it further than the Foundation could reasonably clear up.

Foundation operatives are to continuously monitor print and digital media for any information on the Foundation or anomalous phenomena, in accordance with standard procedures. If any civilian continues to display knowledge following being tracked down and amnesticized, they are to be detained by the nearest foundation presence and scanned for the presence of SCP-5XXX. Should they possess it, they are to be put in contact with Researcher Lysandra Peterson and her team for recruitment.

SCP-5XXX-1 instances should be given accurate information on the general nature of the Foundation and the anomalous, as well as details about SCP-5XXX, so as to ensure their decision is a properly informed one. They are to be encouraged to join the Foundation, usually at low level positions, as the only alternative is termination. As the termination of people for something out of their control is a needless waste of human life and highly unethical, this should only be employed as a last resort.

Addendum 5XXX-2: Testing Log

Test ID: 5XXX-01

Date: 1997/03/18

Details of test: D-68501, a known SCP-5XXX-1 instance, was asked to memorise a list of numbers, then repeat them back after being given class-A amnestics.

Results: D-68501 repeated the numbers back with perfect accuracy.

Test ID: 5XXX-02

Date: 1997/04/02

Details of test: D-68501, after confirming that he could still remember the numbers from the first test, was treated with targeted class-C amnestics and asked to repeat the numbers again.

Results: D-68501 repeated the numbers back with 96% accuracy.

Note: This shows that SCP-5XXX may have weaknesses to certain types of amnestics, but given that a full dose of class-Cs only resulted in 4% memory erasure, recruitment and termination are still much more viable options. - Researcher A Stevens

Test ID: 5XXX-03

Date: 1997/04/19

Details of test: D-74556, another SCP-5XXX-1 instance, was asked to memorise a similar list of numbers. However, D-74556 was not told of the nature of the test, and was informed that she was a member of the control group. Class-A amnestics were then given to her via her lunch in the D-class cafeteria. Later in the day, D-74556 was asked to repeat the list of numbers.

Results: The amnestics had very limited effect, with D-74556 remembering 92% of the list of numbers and remarking on a slight confusion on what she had eaten for lunch.

Note: It appears that 5XXX has limited effectiveness when the subject is not told they are being amnesticized. D-74556 was deliberately not told about the test at any point including afterwards as to retain a subject for future tests of a similar nature. - Researcher A Stevens

Test ID: 5XXX-04

Date: 1997/05/12

Details of test: D-68501 was placed in an nMRI scanner, then asked to memorise a list of numbers. He was then given class-A amnestics intravenously while still in the scanner.

Results: No activity was detected in SCP-5XXX while D-68501 was reading or memorising the numbers. However, a large spike of activity was detected around 38 seconds after the amnestics were injected, corresponding with the time it would take them to reach the brain from the injection site.

Note: It appears 5XXX plays no part in actually memorising information, and instead only acts to prevent the loss of it. Further experimentation is required. - Stevens

[Extraneous tests omitted for brevity]

Test ID: 5XXX-11

Date: 2002/08/07

Details of test: D-68501 was sedated, and underwent surgery to remove SCP-5XXX from his brain. The purpose of this test was both to work out what other functions 5XXX contributed to (if any), and to better study its structure.

Results: D-68501 became comatose, and as of 2008/02/17 remains in this state. The 5XXX instance was successfully extracted from his brain, but despite careful study, no information on its method of function could be ascertained.

Note: I will not lie, this test was a failure. We lost a cooperative 5XXX-1 instance and it was all for nothing. Sometimes I wonder why we do what we do. Surely procedure 5XXX-alpha is enough. Do we really need to take everything apart and see what makes it tick? Because when we do, innocent people die. But then I remember that when we don't, more people die. Understanding is the key to containment - and containment is our job. - Researcher A Stevens

Following Test 5XXX-11 and the loss of D-68501, testing was suspended indefinitely.