SCP-3727 shortly after injecting SCP-3727-Beta

Item #: SCP-3727

Objective Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All instances of SCP-3727 are to be contained in steel boxes within lockers in a designated containment cell on Site 2█. Inside, SCP-3727 may be given an mp3 player with an assortment of music. This calms down SCP-3727 and should be recharged regularly.

Description: SCP-3727 resembles a normal pair of white earbuds. The cords are prehensile and can move and wrap around things on their own accord. SCP-3727 has a level of intelligence and sentience slightly less than that of a human and has been shown to comprehend and feel pain. SCP-3727 will respond to negative stimuli by sending out a high pitch screech through the speakers of the earbuds. SCP-3727 appears to be just as organic as it is artificial. It doesn't require food or water but does require some oxygen, however, they require much less than a human.

The ”Skin” of SCP-3727 is a tough rubber compound that is mildly flexible. Dissections of SCP-3727 have shown a muscle like layer that consists of organic muscle fibers, along with thin metal wires. The center of SCP-3727 is a long skinny spine that has electrical wires intertwined with the thin vertebrae. The Aux jack contains an assembly of circuits, wires, and microchips, along with an organ that has the function of both the heart and the brain aswell as a sexual organ. It is the control center, while also pumping a thin, slightly acidic blood like liquid through the body. This organ also stores eggs, that expand when leaving SCP-3727 through the tip of the aux cord. The actual speakers of SCP-3727 are covered with a thin metallic mesh. Under the metal casing, however, is a vocal cord similar to that of a human. These vocal cords can replicate any sounds needed to fulfill their purpose.

SCP-3727 does not expose itself as sentient if a subject is unaware of it. The organism appears to enjoy serving its intended purpose, chemicals such as dopamine have been released when stimuli is sent through SCP-3727. However, if an SCP-3727 is tangled for extended amounts of time, they will build a resentment towards their owners. This starts with SCP-3727 cutting out audio to annoy their owner. If the subject continues to leave SCP-3727 tangled, SCP-3727 will slowly wrap around the ears of the subject while they are unaware, then constrict with such force that the ear is severed, and the remaining cartilage is fused together. This causes the subject to go into shock and lose consciousness.

SCP-3727, after sedating its victim, SCP-3727 will kill the subject, and implant snake like eggs into the subject's brain by puncturing the nape of the neck with its aux jack, which is then used to implant the eggs. After 1 hour of incubation of inside the subject's corpse, 10-15 adolescents referred to as SCP-3727-Beta are released from the eggs.

These specimens have receptors that link to the original SCP-3727, which is now melded onto the skin and is considered SCP-3727-Alpha. SCP-3727-Beta will assist in SCP-3727-Alpha connecting to the Spinal Collum of the subject. Then SCP-3727-Alpha resuscitates the body of the subject and vital signs return, while brain activity remains dormant.

3 hours after of the body has been resuscitated, SCP-3727-Beta have reached full maturity and exit the body by digging through the body of the subject and exiting through the mouth. Then, SCP-3727 will push its ¨Speakers¨ through the hole left by the exiting SCP-3727´s. The aux jack now firmly grown into the spine. The speakers will make independent speech with the same voice of the subject they are inhabiting. The subject now considered SCP-3727-Gama. SCP-3727 as well as alpha, beta, cannot make original sounds apart from screeches. SCP-3727-Gama does this by playing copies of the voice of the subject through the speakers, which are now located at the back of the throat. SCP-3727 will put on a hat, hoodie, or similar headdress to cover ears. It will then go out and sell SCP-3727 for prices ranging from 1-5 Dollars. SCP-3727 will continue to do so until it has sold all of them, or till the body dies of malnutrition, for SCP-3727-Gama will not eat. If SCP-3727-Gama has sold all of the SCP-3727´s, it will kill itself by a self-inflicted gunshot, jumping off a building, or drowning. They are instances where SCP-3727-Gama has written a suicide note, however, it is not common. SCP-3727-alpha then exits the body. Where SCP-3727-Alpha goes afterward is still unknown. There are currently 247 instances of SCP-3727 secured by the foundation.

Incident 3727-A- An instance of SCP-3727-Gama is spotted in Chinatown Newyork and is interviewed by an uncover foundation agent.

Agent Daniels: ¨Hello sir, is everything okay?¨

SCP-3727-Gama-[86]:¨Yes, I am selling earbuds, do you want a pair?¨- Note- SCP-3727-Gama-[86]´s speech is broken and has varying tone and volume.

Agent Daniels: ¨I´m not sure, how much are they, and what brand?¨

SCP-3727-Gama-[86]: ¨Oh, for you they are only a dollar. They are from Korea, I don't know the brand, but they normally cost 15 dollars.

Agent Daniels: ¨Oh, so is the quality poor because they are so cheap?¨- This appears to make SCP-3727-Gama-[86] angry.

SCP-3727-Gama-[86]: ¨No! They are very high quality!¨

Agent Daniels: ¨All right all right, you convinced me. I´ll buy all that you got. I can give them as Christmas gifts.¨

SCP-3727-Gama-[86]: ¨Oh Thank you!¨

SCP-3727-Gama-[86] hands over 7 instances of SCP-3727. They are impatiently placed in containment bags. SCP-3727-Gama-[86] is then subdued and taken to 2█. SCP-3727-Gama-[86] does not struggle or show any sign of resistance.

Test Log 3727-A : Subject is D-6854, SCP3727-[156] is plugged into a standard MP3 player, and is playing ¨On the Road Again¨, by Willie Nelson. The subject is unaware of SCP-3727-[156] being anomalous and is told this is just a standard hearing test. Test conducted by Dr. ██████

Dr. ██████: ¨Now, how does the music sound?¨

D-6854: ¨It sounds wonderful! I love Willie, and these earbud things sure do him justice!¨

Dr. ██████: ¨Would you care to go into detail?¨

D-6854: ¨Well, I went to a Willie concert about 2 months before getting arrested. To be honest, its the last good thing that's happened to me, and this brings back some good memories!¨

Dr. ██████: ¨That's nice to hear, how do you feel about taking this MP3 player and these earbuds back to your room?¨

D-6854: ¨Are you kidding me? I´d love too!¨

Dr. ██████: ¨Perfect, but keep this between you and me. We wouldn't wanna make anyone jealous.¨

D-6854: ¨Of course, if I wasn't good at keeping secrets, I would have been caught sooner than I was.¨

D-6854 took SCP-3727-[156] back to his room, I will check back up with him in 3 days.- Dr.██████

Test Log 3727-B: Subject D-6854 has had SCP-3727-[156] in his possession for 3 days. Test conducted by Dr. ██████

Dr. ██████: ¨Hello, can you please pull out what I gave you last time?

D-6854: ¨Sure thing.¨

Note- SCP-3727-[156] was tangled when it was removed from D-6854´s pocket.

Dr. ██████: ¨Thank you, how is the music?¨

D-6854: ¨Pretty good, but it has been cutting out recently though.¨

Dr. ██████: ¨I´m sorry to hear that, but other than that is everything okay?¨

D-6854: ¨Yep, the music has sure improved my mood, this place is very depressing.¨

Dr. ██████: ¨Well I´m glad I was able to help, I´ll see you in 3 days.¨

D-6854: ¨Sweet, thank you Dr. ██████¨

Test Log 3727-C : Guards patrolling around the room where D-6854 is was designated, were told to not enter the room, no matter what they hear coming from it. The following information is a description of security footage from D-6854´s room on 9/██/20██ (Two days after the events of Test Log 1-B) Due to the events of the tape, all human testing has been banned by The Ethics Committee. -Dr. ██████

10:46- Subject D-6854 is listening to music in his bed, the wires of SCP-3727-[156] are in 2 knots.

10:56- Subject D-6854 is seen unplugging and replugging SCP-3727-[156] while muttering profanities.

11:03- SCP-3727-[156] is seen slowly moving to the ears of D-6854, he doesn't seem to notice.

11:07- SCP-3727-[156] is fully wrapped around D-6854´s ears.

11:08- SCP-3727-[156] constricts and fully removes the ears of D-6854. He screams and holds his head before going unconscious.

11:10- SCP-3727-[156] has injected into the subject's neck, killing him, his neck then inflates with eggs.

12:11- SCP-3727-[156] -Beta are seen emerging from the eggs, they then begin to burrow in the brain.

12:23- SCP-3727-[156] has become SCP-3727-[156] -Alpha, and D-6854 has begun breathing again.

3:34- SCP-3727-[234-247] exit the mouth and clean themselves off in the bed. They then uniformly wrap themselves up.

3:52- SCP-3727-[156]-Gama stands up and spits blood into the sink, it then begins to wash off all the blood on the body.

4:26- SCP-3727-[156]-Gama begins bashing on the door, demanding to be let out.

4:47- Armed security personnel enters the room, pinning down SCP-3727-[156]-Gama.

4:48- The SCP-3727-[234-247] created by the original SCP-3727-[156] wrap around the legs, arm, and neck. One wraps around the triggers of a gun. It begins firing all over the room, shooting the other guard in the chest and shoulder.

4:49- A bullet enters the camera. Footage is lost.