AmericanZebra (new scp)


Object class: Euclid or Keter (depends on the size of building it's in)

Special Containment procedures: Scp-_3_0 should be kept in a farm that is 145 inches wide and 152 inches tall, other places should never be suitable for this SCP. If it isn't in the farm, agents should get it as fast as they can, no matter what happens.

Description: SCP-_3_0 is a teddy bear normally at the size of 21 inches in height and 20 inches wide- as of normally we mean as in it's containment area, if it's in a building more and / or less then 140-160 inches wide or 140-170 inches tall, it would grow bigger then the building it self, thus crushing it from the inside, the bigger the building the faster it gets bigger, once the building's crushed- it will go back to it's normal size.

however touching it will cause the person who touched it to shrink to the size of an ant, including the clothes it's wearing, or it will turn them into some kind of pig-like creature, these should be destroyed no matter what.