The Crucifix


Object Class- Euclid

SCP-3794, or "The Crucifix", takes the form of a Roman-era criminal nailed to a cross. Stage 1 is simple wooden pole, and a smaller, second pole, going horizontally, will begin materialize as soon as eye contact from any human perceived as potentially endangering is made. After this stage, a body will form, in reverse decay. Dried blood, mottled skin, and bits of dead flesh will form a new body, dressed in a loincloth, still nailed to the cross, known as SCP-3794-A. This period of time, Stage 2 takes about a minute. After this, a copy of SCP-3794-A (Considered SCP-3794) will appear at the bottom of the cross, effectively duplicating itself. Stage 3 is a "rage state", where SCP-3794 proceeds to pursue the subject, unaffected by any surrounding objects, until the subject is caught, and their very essence is consumed.

Containment Procedures
SCP-3794 must be kept in decahedron shaped room, following incident SCP-3794[DATA EXPULGED] Upright (9ft) pole must be kept firmly planted in fresh topsoil, with 2 feet buried. SCP-3794 itself does not appear to be mobile, but SCP-3794 is, essentially, a ghost, and cannot be contained until it's target is found, at which point it will drift back to its cross and disappear inside. At this point the cross must be burned using a Class [DATA EXPULGED] to "reset" The Crucifix.

4 subjects have encountered SCP-3794/SCP-3794-A, all of which were terminated.
SCP-3794-A was reported to look longingly at Agents while in pursuit of its target, uttering three different words in Latin, "Adiuva", "Me", and "Placere", or Help-Me-Please.

On of 1/23/17, the 3rd subject test took place. SCP-3794, still mounted on the cross muttered three words in perfect English, "No…more…p-please!" SCP-3794 underwent a DNA test, in which it was discovered that SCP-3794 was a Grecian male human-mathematician-turned-entity who enjoyed unusual shapes, thus having it's containment unit turned into the shape of a decahedron. After, SCP-3794 displayed less hostility, and even reluctance to terminate subject 4. Efforts are being made to neutralize SCP-3794 into a "Safe" class SCP.