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Item #: SCP-3151

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: To prevent any accidental events that involve SCP-3151, a 3x3x3 meter reinforced glass box is around SCP-3151, and Tactical Response Officers will guard the site for as long that it is not being tested. Guards or any other clientele are under no circumstances to come into contact with SCP-3151. Not only will this effect the person to be harmed, but the surrounding area as well. Only Class-E personnel are granted permission to come into contact with SCP-3151, and only Level-5 security as well as Tactical Response Officers may be in the presence of SCP-3151 when the item is not being tested. When SCP-3151 is being tested, all high class personnel are to leave the 56 m testing zone, as the test will involve anyone within the testing zone once the test has begun. All high class personnel will be required to be inside designated Blast Room #43, and Tactical Response Officers will be required to be behind blast proof walls whist the test goes under-way.

Description: SCP-3151 was originally discovered in the cypress forest located in Lake ██████ in Florida. Residents of the neighboring town reported hearing loud, strange cracking sounds, specifically described by one man,"like a breaking bone." The noises persisted for a month, and on the evening of January the ██th 20██ an officer was sent out near the lake. The same evening the same neighboring town heard the same cracking noise but followed along with a stench so fowl that none of the residents could describe its stench. This matter was reported to SCP personnel; Dr. [DATA EXPUNGED] and guards were immediately sent to the investigation area. When the personnel reached the area, the officer [DATA EXPUNGED] and left his patrol car a wrecked, bloody mess. SCP-3151 was found to be snapping the surround tree's in half, which was concluded to be the source of the snapping/cracking noises. SCP personnel extracted SCP-3151 with extreme care and returned to the SCP Foundation Site.

SCP-3151 is a metallic pyramid that is of ancient Egyptian origin. The pyramid is 0.3048 meters in width, depth, and height. At first glance the Pyramid has no distinct features, appearing to be a very simple design. When inspected up close, the pyramid seems to have very small and precise cracks that form subsections of the pyramid. There are also precise inscriptions within the subsections that resemble ancient Egyptian symbols. The symbol that sticks out the most is a luminescent Ankh symbol, that radiates a smokey gold color upon deep inspection. Whenever any personnel comes within 1.5 meters of SCP-3151, the said person begins to have a revelation. One subject in particular vocalized that they could see inside the pyramids (which personnel assume is referring to the pyramids in Egypt.). After, repeatedly saying "eternity is on the horizon, my children." in Arabic (الخلود هو في الأفق أطفالي). This results in the subject attempting to retrieve SCP-3151, going to any length to obtain the item. If the subject is restricted for an extended amount of time from obtaining SCP-3151, they will attempt to tear their eyes. Reason for this self inflicted harm is unknown, but is still speculated its the relentless feeling that SCP-3151 emits, driving the subject to unrecoverable insanity.

SCP-3151 gives its full affect when touched by human skin. SCP-3151 can be physically inspected using tools with no affect, though it is still required that no special personnel come into the 1.5 meter radius while inspecting for SCP-3151's first affect.

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