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Item #: SCP-2983

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2983 is to be contained in a padded, metal cell with walls at least 10 cm thick. There should be one 1 meter wide window, made of 10 cm reinforced glass. The room should be kept at a temperature between 50-60 degrees Fahrenheit. When handling, SCP-2983 should not be heated by more than a few degrees.

Description: SCP-2983 appears to be a seed of the shrub Sebastiania pavoniana that is inhabited by a larva of the moth Cydia deshaisiana, commonly known as a “Mexican jumping bean”. The seed measures approximately 9 millimeters and is of a beige/brown color. SCP-2983 is extremely sensitive to heat, and when disturbed, can “jump” at several thousand kilometers per second for short periods of time. The seed is observed to be virtually indestructible, retaining no marks from impact with solid metal. If out of containment, SCP-2983 is highly volatile and requires temperature control to incapacitate it.
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Tests: Doctor ███████ conducted an X-Ray examination of SCP-2983 on ██-██-████. It was revealed that SCP-2983 contains larva, designated SCP-2983-L. At this time it is uncertain whether SCP-2983-L will emerge from the seed. Research has been temporarily suspended by order of ███████████ to prevent damage to SCP-2983-L.

Addendum: One injury has been reported as a result of SCP-2983. The seed penetrated Doctor ████████’s abdomen and exiting from the back, causing tissue damage. SCP-2983 failed to severely injure any vital organs, and only hospitalized the victim.