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Item #: SCP-3660

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3660 is to be stored in a 50cm x 50cm x 50cm soundproof steel container in a soundproof containment unit at site ██. An alloy consisting of brass, led and zink must coat the inside walls and door of said containment unit, as well as the interior and exterion of SCP-3660's container. Container and unit must be locked at all times if not by order from two (2) level 4 scientists or when under testing. No less than two (2) armed guards are to be stationed outside of SCP-3660's containment cell and are not to be informed of the properties of SCP-3660.

During testing, a maximum of four (4) personnel, where of two (2) level 3 researchers and an optional test subject and guard, are to ever be present in the containment unit. Guard, if present, is to wear a helmet coated with the same alloy described earlier. All information recieved from SCP-3660 is to be writen down and archived and all personnel involved in testing are to recieve class B amnestics.

In the case of a breach, all personnel subjected to knewledge spread from SCP-3660 are to be given class B amnestics and be monitored for a minimum of three (3) weeks.

Description: SCP-3660 (here on out referred to as 'the object') is a ceramic sculpture measuring 40cm tall and 30cm wide. The object resembles a pile of tentacles, purple in hue, with four (4) closed eyes pertruding from irregular points on the surface. The eyes change position at irregular intervals, but it is noted to only occur when not observed.

When a human comes closer than five (5) meters from SCP-3660, the eyes covering its surface will open and stare in the direction of said human (here on out referred to as 'subject'). If more than one subject is present, the object will devide its attention with 1-3 of its eyes. In cases where more than four subjects are present, the eyes will flicker between subjects at speeds up to ██ meters/second. Notable is that subjects seem unaware of this flickering and state that the object is always staring straight at them.

The most notable anomalous property of SCP-3660 occurs when a subject in direct line of sight of it thinks of a question. The object will 'awnser' the question by emitting an unknown type of signal. All persons within a 100m radius of the object will become aware of the awnser to any question asked, regardless of their experience on the subject of the question, mental capacity, and knowledge of SCP-3660. The only known way to block the signal emitted by the object is with an alloy consisting of brass, led and zink. The reason for the alloy's ability to intercept the effect of the object is currently unknown.

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