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Item #: SCP-3660

Object Class: Safe

Threat Level: Red

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3660 is to be stored in a 50cm x 50cm x 50cm soundproof steel container in a 5m x 5m x 5m soundproof containment unit at site-76. An alloy consisting of brass, led and zink must coat the inside walls and door of said containment unit, as well as the interior and exterior of SCP-3660's container. Container and unit must be locked and monitored at all times if not by order from Dr. █████. No less than two (2) armed guards are to ever be stationed outside of SCP-3660's containment cell and are not to be informed of the properties of SCP-3660. No persons are to ever aquire knowledge of SCP-3660's exact location and/or properties if not by order from Dr. █████ or by 05-Command. The containment cell of SCP-3660 is to be checked for damage weekly, and its container monthly.

During testing, a maximum of three (3) personnel, where of two (2) class C researchers and one (1) guard, are to ever be present in the containment unit. Guard is to wear a helmet coated with the same alloy described earlier at all times and is allowed to subdue and incapacitate any researcher that shows signs of hostility. All information recieved from tests is to be writen down and archived and all personnel involved in testing are to recieve class A amnestics. All archived information recieved is 05-Classified and is only to be shared with lower level personnel by 05-Command.

In preporation of testing, all persons designated to interact with SCP-3660 are to undergo mental preparations and be debrived of any objects capable of hurting them and/or others. Any and all persons designated to testing are to be mentally stable and under the surveillance of Dr. █████.

In the case of a breach, all personnel subjected to the effects of SCP-3660 are to be given class A amnestics and be monitored for a minimum of two (2) weeks.

Description: SCP-3660 (here on out referred to as 'the object') is a ceramic sculpture measuring 40cm tall and 30cm wide. The object resembles a pile of tentacles, purple in hue, with four (4) eyes pertruding from irregular points on the surface. The eyes change position at irregular intervals when the object is not being observed.

When a human comes closer than five (5) meters to and is in line of sight of SCP-3660, the eyes covering its surface will stare in the direction of said human (here on out referred to as 'subject'). Eyes that are unable to stare directly at the subject will look in the closest general direction of said subject. The object will continue to stare at subjects, even if they walk more than five meters away. If line of sight is broken however, SCP-3660 will cease behaviour. If more than one subject has come within the five meter radius and are in line of sight of the object, SCP-3660 will devide its attention. In cases where more than four subjects are present, the eyes will flicker between subjects at speeds up to ██ meters/second. Notable is that subjects seem unaware of this flickering and state that the object is always staring in their direction.

Subjects in direct line of sight of SCP-3660 will experience an urge to stare back into one of the eyes of the object. This urge can be resisted, but doing so causes a mild headache, as well as feelings of paranoia that can last for ██ hours. When looking into SCP-3660's eye(s), subjects have described what feels like a "compelling sense of curiosity".

Addendum 3660-01: SCP-3660 Interaction Log

Don't step on rusty Nails.

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Item #: SCP-4350

Object Class: Euclid

Threat Level: Orange

Special Containment Procedures: One mature instance of SCP-4350 is to be held within a 2 dm x 2 dm x 4 dm vacuum sealed reinforced glass container

Description: SCP-4350 is a species of mineral-based parasites. Mature instances of SCP-4350 have the appearance of rail spikes in a state of oxidasion and has been seen to measure up to seven (7) dm in length. The material an instance of SCP-4350 is made out of depends on the growing conditions of said instance, but it has been shown that possible composition materials include, but is not limited to:

  • Iron
  • Copper
  • Platinum
  • Gold
  • Gypsum
  • Magnetite
  • Quartz
  • Diamond

Instances of SCP-4350 can only grow from materials with an internal crystalline structure. The reason for this is unknown