Android unit 725M

Item #: SCP-4317-J

Object class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4317-J is to be contained at site 13 for the reason it is completely harmless all though it is know to be agitating. Any instances of SCP-4317-J1 are to be sent imediently for decontamination upon ending of any test on SCP-4317-J.

Description: SCP-4317-J is a set of 100 glass containers ressembleing coka cola bottles each labeled Gas in a Bottle, ingredients read as fallowed 100% real human methane. Carefully extracted by only the best farm grown and gassy humans. When opened SCP-4317-J emits a strong odor of a mix of rotten eggs, wet dog, and cow or horse manure sounding distinctly like that of a Whoopi cushion or a wet fart. Instances of SCP-4317-J1 although harmless if only exposed for less than 48 hours stench is only adgatating, after 48 hours it will continue to grow worse over a short time of a 4 hours to a point where the can be debilitating to health of the individual. Other affects Also include anyone in the vicinity of a supject with an instance of SCP-4317-J1 will insult the subject about how bad they smell. Insults range from “you smell like sh*t” to “u smell like sick wet as*”