Dr. Simian. Do all chairs hate the poor?

Item #: SCP-0

Object Class: Safe

Special containment procedure: SCP-0 is to be contained in a locked room. It will be fed with small live mammals of the combined weight of 8 kg. e.g. cats or wallabies. Feeding will occur every 2 days and should be performed by Foundation personnel who have a net worth of over $500,000 USD.

Description: SCP-0 is a Mission Arm Chair manufactured by J. M. Young Circa 1910. SCP-0 capable of ambulation by use of its four legs and navigation by an unknown method. SCP-0 will explore it's environment and is able to discern the location of doors and has been known to knock on them with its foot. SCP-0 mouth is located under its cushion and does not appear to have a stomach. SCP-0 will pursue small mammals it comes into contact with and either swallow them whole or stomp on them before eating them. Food consumed by SCP-0 can be seen as a lump under its cushion which will slowly diminish in size over 4-6 hours.

SCP-0 has been noted to behave differently to Humans based on their financial situation. How it discerns this information is currently unknown. It has been noted to be quite aggressive towards persons whose net income is below $50,000 USD. It has been observed to kick the shins and stamp on the toes of persons in this pay grade. Persons who have an income above $50,000 are mainly completely ignored by SCP-0 and only occasionally, begrudgingly allowed to sit on SCP-0. In this instance, SCP-0 will usually produce a sound similar to a blown raspberry and less commonly wonder around the space knocking the sitter into walls and objects in a manner that could almost be accidental. Persons who have a net worth of $500,000 or higher have been allowed to sit in SCP-0 while it walks them around slowly. SCP-0 will stop and behave like a normal chair after finding a bookshelf, fireplace or liqueur cabinet for them to sit near.

Addendum: Extreme caution should be taken when exposing SCP-0 to persons with less the $5000 e.g D-class personnel. When D class entred SCP-0s containment cell SCP-0 examined D class briefly. SCP-0 used its front right leg to break D classes left tibia then proceeding to bludgeon with its front two legs. D class sustained the breaking of four costal bones, a clavicle, a scapula and fracturing of the cranium. D Class later slipped into a coma. SCP-0 attempted to prevent foundation personnel from removing the injured D class personal and was later observed attempting to consume the small amount of bodily fluid left behind by D class.

"We should put in a room without windows. I never want to see it eat another cat."
-Dr. M. Simian.