Item # SCP-3678

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-3678 having an unpredictable personality, no ways of permanently containing SCP-3678 are possible at the current moment, besides keeping a tracking device on it at all times to track its current path, so that any and all civilians in the way will not endangered.

If the tracker ever goes offline, the nearest containment team is to be immediately sent to the last area that the tracker went, just in case SCP-3678 decided to go on a massive rampage. If it was a simple malfunction, the tracking device will resume tracking SCP-3678 within twenty-four (24) hours, though it is best to not take the risk.

Description: SCP-3678 is a Caucasian male between the ages of thirteen (13) and seventeen (17) with the ability to shapeshift into whatever he desires, due to this, it is incredibly difficult to keep SCP-3678 in a containment area without him turning into a dragon and escaping.

Through a large amount of research and interviews with many people (SCP-3678 included) we have discovered that SCP-3678 was known as ███████ █████ before developing his anomalous properties.

SCP-3678 has been witnessed shapeshifting into each of the following:

  • A Dragon
  • A Golden Retriever Puppy
  • Foundation Personnel
  • A Bed
  • A Dalmatian Puppy
  • Houses
  • Robot Versions of His Original Form
  • A Pug Puppy
  • Various Reptiles, Birds, and Fish
  • Giant Aquatic Predators Of Unknown Origin
  • Literally Every Dog Breed
  • Other SCPs
  • Literal Emotions

SCP-3678 was discovered in ████████████, Canada, on ██/██/20██ after locals reported a large amount of anomalous entities appearing once a day. SCP-3678 was found hiding under his bed, as an even smaller bed. Everyone who had directly seen SCP-3678 in any form besides its original were given Class B amnestics and false memories that made them believe that ███████ █████ had gone abroad to Germany.