Soul Jar

Photograph retrieved in the aftermath of accident 250791acc55:011

Item #: SCP-K372

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-K372 containment unit is located at the last floor of extreme security Site-176. Object is contained in the approximate center of a 5 m × 10 m cylindrical chamber constructed from various unidentified heavy metals and alloys compressed in reinforced concrete. Inside surfaces are painted with a washable plastic paint.

Note: No label is found on its containment unit save for a incision indicating a possible security threat. Therefore, no personnel of clearance level 3 or higher is allowed near SCP-K372. Should higher level personnel be needed, all irrelevant information in their knowledge is to be suppressed and all codes and passphrases in their knowledge are to be changed. They should not be informed of any changes of such codes and passphrases for the following 4 months awaiting psychological evaluation.

Description: SCP-K372 is a shape-shifting, mass of unknown, non noxious, semi liquid, viscous, organic material. Composition is as of yet unknown. It mantains a constant temperature of thirtyseven degrees Celsius (37°C). It resides in a iron canister, 0.6 meters in diameter, 0.8 meters in height and 80 mm in thickness. SCP-K372 has never been seen morphing into a dangerous object or shape. Never has the object been seen leave its container nor it has ever shown the urge to do so. No attempts to extract it from its container were made. If such attempts were made, the information was lost.

SCP-K372 can produce a variety of sounds by unknown means and has been recorded mimicking the sound of a containment breach alarm. When approached, it usually takes the form of an adult woman. It appears to be intelligent and forms seemingly non-sensical phrases out of random words and cries, possibly to communicate.

Discovery: [DATA LOST]

History: Almost 90% all data regarding the object was lost during the events of 250791acc55:011. Only known fact is that the construction of its chamber was accomplished on date 09/04/90. When it was found that all personnel in known of the information died, it was reclassed to Euclid and the study of the object was reconducted. The O5 Council claims to have no knownledge pertaining the object.
Thirteen months following its supposed arrival, onsite deaths of increased by 232% and most were filed under “Natural causes”, “Accident”, “Suicide” as well as “Tumor”. Some discrepancy were noted in the behavior of the victims. No reanalysis was possible as the body of the victims were reportedly unobtainable for various reasons. See document site77dc-90a and site77dc-90b for a full list of occurrences.

Addendum K372-A: Snippet of the most notable occurrences reported on the document site77cd-91b.
Victim Cause of Death Notes
Researcher Ping Accidental (See document site77dc-91b:008) SCP-5545 was relocated under the assumption that it was Euclid class, the oversight caused the death of other personnel. Re-analysis not possible. Body severely mutilated.
D-2595 Accident (See document site77dc-91b:009) Re-analysis not possible. Body vanquished.
Dr. Connor Caduto Natural causes (See document site77dc-91b:010) Doctor Caduto was a healthy individual with no history of heart disease. Re-analysis not possible. Body lost for reasons unknown.
Agent Peter Meyers Suicide (See document site77dc-91b:011) Agent Meyers was involved in the containment of an anomalous object which required costant psychological evaluation but agent Meyers was never diagnosed any psychological disorder or anomaly. Re-analysis was not possible. Body lost.
Prof. Huguette Barts [DATA LOST] (See document site77dc-91b:012) Body not found.
Agent Dr. Robert Vario Unknown (See document site77dc-91b:013) It is notable that Agent Vario was working with Huguette Barts on a minor project during the time of his disappearance.
O5-4 Accidental (See document site77dc-91b:014) The O5 was involved in a car crash inside the Site perimeter. The visit was unattended, unauthorized, and unexplained. Re-analysis was inconclusive.