drafts by annon_x86

Item #: SCP- (something)

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP- (something) is to be surrounded by three purpose built sites in order to prevent unauthorized entry. No electronic devices are to be placed within the afflicted area of SCP- (something). Remote observation is to be carried out by fibre optic cables and mirror arrangements which must be recorded using CCTV equipment outside of the anomalous zone. Metal chain-linked fences around SCP- (something) are to be electrically isolated from the ground. Any security breaches must be dealt with appropriately. Unauthorized personnel are to be detained, debriefed and given class B amnesiacs where necessary.

Sites A and C are to have two secure computers which must utilize special software in order to decrypt incoming data from SCP- (something)-1 captured by two copper wires within SCP- (something). These wires are to be placed within 25 feet of each other.

The two resultant feeds are to be analysed by a S.C.R.A.M.M system1 and the composite output is to be viewed by one staff member only whilst supervised by two additional staff members to ensure the observer's mental health isn't compromised. Site B must hold a recorded archive of the composite output with logs which record statistical information about SCP- (something)-1 and any detected hazards present within said raw video.

Every four weeks, two D-class personnel are to enter SCP- (something) to observe for any changes in the condition of the two copper wires. Personnel are no longer permitted to enter SCP- (something). Wire condition is completed by recoiling and then using a cable system to relay the wire on the ground. No remote drones or robots are to achieve this task due to the nature of SCP- (something)-1.

(as of ██/06/2018): SCP- (something) - 2 is to live in Site A with no further requirements apart from observation when SCP- (something) - 2 requests to leave site. SCP- (something) - 2 must not leave the Foundation's reach. As such, destinations requested by SCP- (something) - 2 are to be pre-checked and under go a risk assessment. SCP- (something) - 2 must not access any other infomation regarding other SCPs to maintain normalcy and secrecy.

SCP- (something) is to remain out of bounds and completely inaccessible. At no point must any personel enter SCP- (something).

Description: SCP- (something) refers to an area of anomalous activity which centers around an abandoned building located in ███████, England. The area is 4.34 km in diameter and contains mostly forests as one would expect in a suburban environment. The abandoned building is located 23.3 meters off the center and closer inspection suggests that the building was previously used as an office. Architecture of the building suggests that it was constructed in the late 1970s. The area was discovered by the Foundation in 1990 when reports of electrical interference reached embedded agents in local police forces.

Electronic devices in the afflicted area of SCP- (something) become immediately fried and no longer work despite many repair attempts. This is due to an alternating current that manifests by unknown means from SCP- (something), now deemed SCP- (something)-1. Further testing revealed that the current does not appear in materials which have a resistance of more than 10 Ohms2. Materials which are being utilized for power transfer of normal use (such as a typical city power grid of 120 V AC) through the area seem unaffected when already carrying a voltage and current however testing proved that SCP- (something)-1 has still been present. When measured, SCP- (something)-1 has only reached a maximum of 1 Amp AC and a minimum of 370 milliAmps AC.

Attempts to measure frequency determined that the current is an analog PAL3 signal being received at an unusual rate of 19.2MHz. This change from the normal 8MHz in which a PAL signal was designed to be received at requires modification and specialized software in order to translate into a view-able mean. When viewed, the video output of SCP- (something)-1 forms a stream of 240 pixels high and 320 pixels wide with noticeable interference rendering about 10% of the image covered by static. Due to the unusual frequency of 19.2MHz, the video's refresh rate becomes approximately 60 frames per second.

The video feed shows what seems to be a seclusion cell which has been compared to standard Foundation Humanoid cells but noticeable differences are apparent.

  • The door does not possess any logo or identification on it.
  • The room contains a steel framed bed that is affixed to the wall and floor.
  • The bed sheets are completely black and no discernible logo or identification is on it.
  • The walls are white compared to Foundation's brown/black walls.

The seclusion cell consists of:

  • A bed.
  • A door which is presumed locked.
  • Another door near where the main door is located; possibly leading to bathroom facilities.
  • A desk with a chair; both affixed to the floor. On the desk is some paper and a single pen which is chained to the desk's top.
  • A mirror which has a reflection identical to the room apart from a black device on the desk which is not visible. The mirror itself is speculated to be a viewing window.
  • A human being, female, with extremely fair skin and black hair. Designated SCP- (something)-2.

SCP- (something)-2 is hypothesized to be the source of SCP- (something)-1 as noticeable interference increases when SCP- (something)-2 is either unconscious or sleeping. The video view of the seclusion cell where SCP- (something)-2 is located appears to be in the opposite corner of the bed and the door. SCP- (something)-2 appears to be about 28 years old wearing almost all black cloves. SCP- (something)-2's hairstyle changes occasionally from long and straight to tied up; suggesting she is able to take care of herself. SCP- (something)-2's cloves consist of a black shirt, shorts and slightly ripped tights.

It is assumed that SCP- (something)-2 is currently has been captured by an unknown organisation for an unknown reason.

Update (as of ██/██/2003): SCP- (something) is not to be entered for any reason following incident A22s.

Update (as of ██/06/2018): SCP- (something)-1 stopped broadcasting as soon as SCP- (something)-2 was rescued from floor 19 of the abandoned building. The rescue operation is documented below (in Document 2).