??? | Another Reality Hub.

A Hub created by a GOI named ???. In another reality Far away.

??? or GOI-??? | ??? | Stands for | Mysterious | Unknown | Unexplained | Don't forget that

On [REDACTED] [Unknown] there was another reality but in that reality a GOI by the name of ??? is the newest savior of the foundation. | In this reality you will see a GOI by the name of ??? this GOI often helps the SCP Foundation. | And tries to remove any threats from the SCP foundation. Such as the C.I and ect and the ??? is the backbone ally of the Foundation. [END LOG]

The Following list are files or future tales created by the ??? or this Hub.

—??? | In another Reality far away there lies Gates. | thinking about what gates is doing next he creates his own scps under site-19 he uses these scps and in the future he turns into a scp himself. | But as we know that was not the truth in the ???. and after that gates vanished. | and so we explored out where he went and as we know he vanished and so we went and went and we saw who kidnapped are lord are god. | It was the Oneiroi Collective, who took are lord and god so we set out to find them and when we found them we took are lord and god and took back what right for the ??? and the foundation and so the Oneiroi Collective, burned to the ground as us ??? looked along are god and lord gates who is now scp-??? May gates live forever and ever and claim any threats of the foundation as dead..-

Oneiroi Collective, members are all dead from are god and lord ???.

✓ SCP Foundation will be protected by are god and lord ??? and all threats that try to attack the SCP Foundation will vanish without a trace.

✓ In another reality there's a GOI by the name of ??? protecting all realities from such existing threats

✓ We contain Mysterious | Unknown | Unexplained entities that the foundation or anyone else does not know about.

Now Since we gone though that we will go though what classes of unknown entities the ??? contain.

The List below is all the classes for unknown entities contained by the ???.

??? | Unknown Entity | Classes

Class: Green | "Safest"

Class: Blue "Safe Unless held handled or threatened"

Class: Yellow "A little bit dangerous if near or seen but not to much"

Class: Orange "Slightly More dangerous if seen held or saw"

Class: Brown "Above the average of a human"

Class: Red "Dangerous and is above dangerous then a human or a animal"

Class: Grey "Item or anomaly is unknown and and has no history/and is very dangerous"

Class: Black "Very dangerous item or anomaly is very unknown and is highly dangerous"

Class Purple "One the more rarest unknown anomaly and can be used as a tool but still dangerous"

Class: White "The Most unknown and unexplained typically used as a unknown or unexplained god class and classes the unknown entity as none existing even know it is. Class does this to prevent info that might harm others and spread more". | The only known unknown anomaly to be classed as this is scp-???. | Further information is classified by the ???.

Class: White-N "None existing class" "The same thing as Class white but typically ranks the unknown item or anomaly as none existent but existing.

??? | Items/entities

Items contained or created by the ??? for uses in the future for further testing from the ???

  1. ✓ scp-???
  2. ✓ scp-000
  3. ✓ scp-2399

SCP-??? "A unknown god that currently does not exist but does. Evidenced show this entity was the one to create the ???. Members of the ??? often refer the entity as. "Are Lord and God" or Gates. No records of the entity has been discovered however. It is thought this entity was contained at one point but breached causing a time collapse in reality. there for creating another reality but no one ever remembers this. | Entity is currently listed as | None existent | Unknown/unexplained. | And uncontained. "the entity is currently unknown but it is thought this entity is rooming in everyone's | reality | and memories | even know no one cannot remember what it was or what it is. | entity current class in the ???. Is class: White./class: White-N

SCP-000 "A Unknown anomaly/ haunted space of an eternal abyss of darkness or/a dark backless entity that has a unknown origin and is contained by the SCP foundation in the SCP database.

SCP-2399 "Thought to be a piece of a advanced technology created by the ???.

The only reason there is no more scps that were created by the ??? is because it unknown for now

??? | Tales

scp-??? | Tale http://scp-sandbox-3.wikidot.com/non-existent-unknown-record