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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-#### is the only known host of streptococca timarchus (aka the “Timarchus Virus”). Biohazard procedures are required for any and all interactions with SCP-####. Subject is to be kept in a standard biohazard cell with an isolated air supply system. Weekly blood drawing are required as ██████████ requests updates on condition for continued medical research. Subject is to be granted 1 hour of supervised exercise per day and the area is to undergo type 3 decontamination after use. Do not speak with SCP-#### beyond medical necessity but observe any and all physiological changes. The cages of rats are not food but synthetic secondary hosts for SCP-####.

Description: SCP-#### is a bacterial strain similar to streptococcal pharyngitis first encountered in 1988 in ██████ ████████, Kansas. In essence one person, henceforth referred to as the primary host, catches the infection and eventually produces a symbiotic bacteria that infects secondary hosts. The primary host will experience strep-throat like syndromes but these will be reduced and eventually supplanted by euphoric (even psychotropic) fevers in the presence of secondary hosts. Secondary hosts, once infected, will die in 12 hours if not in the presence of the infectious bacteria produced by the primary host or in about a year as their health rapidly degrades from the infection. The primary host is noted to be highly resistant to all forms of other bacterial life and seems not to age in the presence of secondary hosts.

Primary hosts expel airborne copies of itself, which act as vital chemical triggers for the infection in secondary hosts. The degenerative disease in the secondary hosts produce a noxious chemical that seems to sustain the primary host’s needs. This distributed system ensures the primary host’s survival and eventual spread.

Patient zero remains unknown but SCP-#### was first discovered in the Mass of Timarchus- a new age religious organization that settled a commune in ██████ ████████, Kansas. A small commune had developed around a single primary host and 23 secondary hosts who were dependent on their leader, █████ █████, AKA “Brother Namarious”. This cult was related to the Rajneeshpuram movement in Oregon in the early 180s. A field agent’s report of the situation was, as follows:
“It’s filthy. Wet rags jammed under doors, humid temperatures, and the acrid smell of fever are constants in the commune. The dorm style living is little better than a shanty and the only nice places on the compound are the visitor’s center and the “chapel”. The first is one of those utilitarian jobs the communists are always going on about. The chapel is a handmade thing where █████ █████ calls his congregants up from their wooden pews to almost kiss them. He opens his mouth, sweat feverishly beading on his brow, and exhales right into their open mouth. He says it’s the breath of a sannyasins which they must accept as a ritualistically accepting knowledge. I nearly vomited in my respirator the first time I saw it. His stale, old, infected breath inhaled by some pretty young thing from California with flowers in her hair. We broke it all up. Burned it all- it was the only way to be sure. To be sure it wouldn’t spread.”

Addendum: All outbreaks were contained in Operation Timarchus and subsequent reports should be flagged under protocol DD742 and filed appropriately.