Antivortex's SCP {attempt 1}


So, I've been into SCP for a while, and I thought "hey, I could make one of these!" Although most of my first attempts were utter ████, here is one of my tries at making one that isn't utter ████. Here is my first public attempt at SCP. Please enjoy! Unless you don't want to. That's fine too. Okay, here we go.
The name is SCP-5263, or "Darkness".

Item#: SCP-5263

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5263 is to be kept in a 10m x 10m x 10m steel cell at Site ███, under 24-hr. video surveillance. No light is to enter the cell in any way. All doors are to be locked at all times and under no circumstances, besides testing, should they be opened.

Description: SCP-5623 is what appears to be a floating black cloaked figure, approximately 1m in length. Its "cloak" appears to be torn and decayed from age. The surveillance cameras in its cell are affected by its presence, causing distortion, however footage not affected by its presence show that it floats around its cell aimlessly, occasionally stopping and looking at the camera. SCP-5623 is extremely sensitive to light and if exposed to so much as a candle's light, will attempt to find the source and extinguish it. This is supposedly what it's doing when it stops to stare at the camera (note, when extinguishing light, its "face" glows blue. This doesn't happen when it stares at the camera.). SCP-5623 can extinguish light simply by looking at it. When under video surveillance, camera distortion may include but is not limited to, static, quick flashes of 5623's glowing blue "face" or, for some reason yet to be found out, other SCPs. SCP-5623 was found in an abandoned warehouse in ████████, Maryland. It appears to be sentient, as demonstrated by "curtains" (made by 5623) hanging from the windows of the building, apparently blocking out the light. When it was found, it was angered by the MTF's flashlights and killed 6 out of the 9 personnel sent to the warehouse by foundation staff. It appeared to be impervious to all forms of weaponry. maxresdefault.jpg
An image, low-quality but not distorted, was taken of SCP-5623. It is seen to the right with its "angry face". This was the only photograph taken of SCP-5623 because of its dangerous reaction to light. It murdered the person who took the picture and the camera used was found outside of its cell. This event is referred to as Incident SCP-5623-1.
Incident SCP-5623-1

This event occurred not long after SCP-5623 was contained. SCP personnel were to take photographs of SCP-5623 for the database. Somebody volunteered to take the photo, named ██████ ██████, and was sent to its containment chamber. SCP-5623 was disturbed by the light let in from the door being opened and attempted to "extinguish the hallway" in a successful attempt. The room (and all nearby surrounding rooms) went completely dark and the surveillance video being filmed at the time broadcasted an image of SCP-096's face, although there are no cameras in 096's containment chamber. All who were viewing the footage were then chased down relentlessly by SCP-096 as SCP-5623 proceeded to murder the photographer. When the surviving personnel involved in the incident went to 5623's containment chamber, they found the photographer's camera with the photo of SCP-5623 while attacking. During an investigation of the room (safe, since the lights were still off), they found the photographer's corpse, with [DATA EXPUNGED]. Since the event, the doors were kept locked except during testing.


Okay, so that was, uh, well…
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