Item #:SCP-4528

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4528 is to be made a room at a standard humanoid containment chamber at site 17, complete with a bathroom and an empty porcelain tub situated on the floor. The tub should at least be 2 square meters in length, 2 square meters in width, and 2 square meters in height. This is where SCP-4528 will usually rest.

All personnel handling SCP-4528 are to wear Class 3 exothermic protection suits and are to never touch SCP-4528 directly at all costs.

Description: SCP-4528 appears to be a slim female humanoid around 18-20 years of age, yet of unknown descent. Has a body height of 1.7 meters along with eyes with pigments reverse with that of a human eye, meaning it has white pupils and gray irises, with black sclera. SCP-4528's skin is pale white with the texture of ceramic, and the consistency of silicon with a constant temperature of -196° Celsius, and cannot be altered by both internal and external means. Despite this SCP-4528 does not show any reaction to its exothermic properties and continues to function normally along with its other anomalous properties. Its hair is matte black in color, but is made of

SCP-4528's skeletal structure is made entirely of a beryllium-bronze, titanium and an unknown form of chalcedony mixture currently designated as "Chalcimium"1. It is incredibly durable2 and light despite it containing 65% chalcedony which is normally not light. Also does not have marrow and though hollow, it is instead filled with C-4528A and other gaseous material in liquid form such as carbon monoxide and oxygen3.

SCP-4528 is devoid from any form of blood related organs, digestive organs, and does not have a mouth thus not requiring any form of sustenance4. SCP-4528's only bodily fluid is a black, high viscosity liquid that appears to be its blood. Chemical analysis has shown that it has similarities with hemoglobin, but otherwise more attracted to each other. It also instead carries high levels of liquid nitrogen5and titanium in place of its normal oxygen-iron counterpart and is currently designated as C-4528A by researchers. Instead of using a heart to pump blood throughout its body, or blood vessels for transferring fluids throughout itself, SCP-4528's entire muscular system acts as both a pump and an intricate system of specialized fibers of muscle that act as blood vessels. These muscle fibers have small tubing similar to blood vessels in place of its normal fibers. Other than acting as circulation organs, it also does things that a heart would normally do. For example, the muscles on its chest will tense and begin to pulse rapidly when SCP-4528 becomes nervous, or slow down when SCP-4528 is resting.

SCP-4528 has holes on the palm of its hands and feet that it can open and close at will. It uses said holes to secrete a clear substance with the consistency of putty designated as SCP-4528-1.6 SCP-4528 can produce up to 20 gallons of it7, and utilizes the substance to create various objects. Some of the objects created include:
▪ A tentacle which it uses to grasp objects(sometimes even personnel).

▪ A mass of the substance which it uses as a cushion or to recline.

▪ A mass of the substance which it shapes similar to a table used for putting various objects

SCP-4528 communicates by using letters and symbols similar to the normal alphabet, but largely incomplete in form. For example, "M" will only look like two lines apart from each other, and "N" looking only like "\" instead.8 These letters quickly appear anywhere on its skin, forming a sentence. It also makes high pitched grunts and gestures that quickly indicate what it wants or wants to do e.g pointing, nodding or shaking its head, touching various objects, and many more.

Although SCP-4528 appears as a female, it is deemed androgynous by researchers due to not having the discernible features of said gender. It usually walks around the facility not wearing anything, which is thought to be fine by researchers judging that it is not a normal human female not fine after several attempts of personnel trying to [DATA REDACTED] SCP-4528. SCP-4528 was given clothing shortly afterwards, and is compliant with it.


Addendum 4528-1: SCP-4528 was found at a GOC laboratory raid on the island of ████, ████ ████████ and found SCP-4528 in an advanced stage of cryptobiosis, covered in a thick mass of the substance that it produces and concealed inside an airtight chamber. It was brought into containment shortly after the Foundation was contacted, and was successfully contained with no casualties. It was later contained in a tank at a mass amorphous object containment chamber at site 17. █ days later it awoke an went out of its containment chamber, causing a minor containment breach. Subject was successfully recontained after █ hours of pursuit with no casualties.