Alt: Hogan's got nothing on these losers

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Object Class: [TODO]

Secure Containment Procedures: [REDACTED OR TODO?] in cooperation with Her Majesty’s somethingsomething. Containment procedures are focused on blahblahblah.

Description: SCP-XXXX are the remains of an Attendants of Requital outpost that will be retroactively destroyed during the Eighth Occult War. Since its appearance, documents and eyewitness accounts of SCP-XXXX have changed to account for its presence with minimal Foundation involvement.

The surface level of SCP-XXXX resembles the foundation of a bastion.1 However, most of this area is either missing or destroyed, with only a few walls standing.

The lower levels of SCP-XXXX are made of near-future paratech materials.

Discovery: SCP-XXXX was initially discovered during World War I. German soldiers were building defenses 80 km from the front lines when it appeared in its form, destroying 30 km of the surrounding forest.

The Star Children have been denied too long. If your people refuse to let time move forward, then we shall steal it back.