Page 64 from "Response: On Apexes" by Paladin was here:

As for the presence of intelligent Apexes, or Apexes with souls, I cannot consider their treatment as a serious moral quandary. All Apexes must have some measure of a soul- it’s practically within the definition of an Apex. Similarly, we must admit that any sort of intelligence or rational thought observed in an Apex must be as an extension of a Core. So any action taken against or by an Apex is in fact an action involving a Core.

But this is a moot point. We know 1. An Apex is a necessary support and extension of a Core. Thus, if 2. An Apex exists, then 3. A support and extension of a Core exists. Therefore if an Apex exists, then a Core must also exist.

This is the main issue I have with theories on the presence of Apexes- there is far too much evidence that Earth lacks a Core. In nearly every recorded universe, there is proof against a Core, or at least a singular Core. Since by definition a Core must be the single unifying point of a world, there cannot be multiple Cores.

Furthermore, evidence implies that crossovers between different universes (Or Worlds, if you prefer) are not temporary or as the result of a movement, but rather permanent occurrences. This is not to say they are static across time, but rather that at a certain point, at a certain time, those universes will always overlap, regardless of changes in the stream. Can they truly be classified as different universes, then? If they are the same World, then they must only have one Core amongst them.