Araneo's Cave
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Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: No one is allowed to enter Site-██ without Level-4 Clearence, and will be punish with arrest with proper clearence. All gates that lead into SCP-XXXX are to be lock and monitored 24/7 via security cameras. Glass dome is to be Inspected for damage or deterioration. Bottom hull is to be cased with a layer of Titanium and a layer of Reinforced Blast Steel. Monthly Inspection in to be carried out by MTF Zeta-9(Mole Rats) to ensure that Both SCP-XXXX and SCP-XXXX are not being aggressive toward each other and to control the population of SCP-XXXX. Any Aggression towards each other are to be killed on sight. Aggression towards personnel are to be killed on sight. If SCP-XXX-1-4 are to breach Containment, MTF Zeta-9 are to respond immediately and re-contain all SCP-XXXX-(1-4). If any are to crosses the 5Km restriction zone, are to be killed on sight. If SCP-XXXX-5 breaches containment, [[Protocol-Lysrix|]] is to be insinuated, all Level-4 personnel are to leave area ASAP. All nearby MTF are to respond immediately and re-contain SCP-XXXX-5. If SCP-XXXX-5. crosses the 5Km restriction zone, On site missile to be deployed and Launch.

Description: Located in the Southern border of Saudi Arabia and Oman, SCP-XXXX is a Large cavern which is the nesting grounds of SCP-XXXX-(1-4). SCP-XXXX is the home an Eusociality (, the highest level of organization of animal sociality), with a Queen for reproduction of the colony. The colony is carnivores, hunting and eating when necessary. SCP-XXXX has a feudalistic system of workers, soldiers, Elites, and a Queen, each being benefiting the colony as a whole.

SCP-XXXX share a containment dome with SCP-XXXX due to [[Indent-XXXX|]]. With these madders, Both SCP-XXXX and SCP-XXXX with Temporary Permanently share containment.