Item #: Scp-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the fact that Scp-XXXX is inaccessible by normal means, no special containment procedures are needed. Any information about Scp-XXXX is to be confiscated and/or destroyed and provided with a fake explanation. All observers of Scp-XXXX-1 should take the Religous Standards Test to avoid memetic effects. Satellites and other space objects are to be redirected or destroyed through inceration to avoid aggression of Scp-XXXX-2.

Description: Scp-XXXX-1 is a wall of a glass-like material approximately 3██ light-years away from Earth. It has indetermined dimensions due to its anomalous properties, although it has a seemingly infinite height and length. Whenever an object comes in 20 cm of Scp-XXXX-1, each one of their atoms instantly teleports to a different place in space. It displays a blurred humanoid figure using a computer an advanced device with a keyboard and mouse in a darkened room. Any facial details aren't visible. Anyone religious looking at Scp-XXXX will quickly turn aggressive to and suffer severe depression, paranoia, technophobia, and frequently turn unconscious and stare in the sky. All subjects affected by Scp-XXXX-1's memetic effects will have entirely synchronized movements. It's theorized that Scp-XXXX-1 is a border of an alternative universe or an alternative multi-universal system.1

Scp-XXXX-2 is a tendril connected to the display of the mouse displayed by Scp-XXXX-1. It is 30m in diameter and the longest it has extended is 7█ light-years long. Scp-XXXX-2 can create 2d text and has shown signs of sentience and sapience. It is hypothesized that Scp-XXXX-
that Scp-XXXX-2 shows aggressive and irritation when objects come in contact within 20 cm of Scp-XXXX-1. Scp-XXXX-2 can create a blue box(referred to as Scp-XXXX-3) around the subject and then it has the power to do approximately anything with the objects inside. There seems to be no limit to how large Scp-XXXX-3 can stretch. All attempts to destroy Scp-XXXX-3 instances have failed. Scp-XXXX-2 seems to be the only one able to neutralize Scp-XXXX-3, usually when calmed.

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Item #: Scp-XXXX

Object Class: Safe Sacred

Special Containment Procedures: