Entry name: Zro'a Netuya

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to currently contained within site 19 inside a large, storage container, measuring 18m x 10m x 10m, as to accommodate for the object's dimensions. A single hatch is installed at the end of the container, and the container itself is fixed onto the ceiling of a larger storage hall, as to allow free rotation of SCP-XXXX while keeping it out of direct sight.

The hatch on SCP-XXXX is to remain closed and opaque at all times, with the sole exception of approved testing. Researchers in charge of SCP-XXXX are to be stationed approximately 20ft away from the ground level, as to avoid being indirectly affected by SCP-XXXX's anomalous effect.

No personnel are to be exposed to SCP-XXXX's front view directly. Should this happen, personnel will be detained, studied and, in cases of prolonged exposure, terminated.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a large, human-shaped arm, with its index finger pointing forward. The hand itself seems to be of organic nature, and initial analysis of its composition revealed bacteria of unknown origin, but no signs of decay nor disease.

The back end of the SCP-XXXX, despite being severed and showing bone marrow and muscle tissue, does not seem to bleed. Instead, the blood merely stops and retreats back into the hand itself, continuing to flow as if all biological functions within the arm are self-contained. It is also of note that the arm has 2ft long nails on each of its fingers, though they do not seem to grow on their own.

When a human being or being of self-conscious intelligence is placed in front of SCP-XXXX's pointing finger, and are viewing the finger pointing at them, subjects start reacting with elevated levels of fear and anxiety, often times resulting and cowering and begging for relief. Further exposure to SCP-XXXX created compulsion within the subject to reveal any and all secrets they may hold, first to SCP-XXXX, which lacks the capacity to react, and then to anyone who might listen.

Further research on the reach of SCP-XXXX's anomalous effect indicates that in order for the effect to occur, the subject must be in front of it, as well we observing the finger with no obstruction, or at the very least negligible one.

Testing shows that SCP-XXXX's anomalous effects are quite slow to take permanent hold within the subject's psyche, though this outcome is very much possible with enough time given to the exposure. See experiment logs enclosed for further details.

Addendum XXXX-1: SCP-XXXX was discovered in ███████, Italy, by a group of an exhibition group investigating ██████. Upon initial discovery, the team suffered severe mental breakdowns as a result of SCP-XXXX's effect, causing the team to attempt and seal the object from public viewing. The existence of SCP-XXXX was brought to the foundation when Francesco ████████, the lead researcher in the division, was noted to talk openly about the SCP-XXXX's discovery, noting he had found something horrible and despicable. From there, the object was recovered by Foundation personnel with little incident, and Mr. Francesco was given Class B amnestics.

Experiment log XXXX-1 -

Subject: D-4829
Exposure duration: 10 seconds.
Result: D-4829 seemed to begin reacting to SCP-XXXX after approximately two seconds. For the remainder of the experiment, D-4829 began screaming in fear and cowering, begging for the arm to stop. Enclosed is the recording of the experiment:

D-4829: So, what the hell do you guys want no-

*At this point D-4829 notices SCP-XXXX's finger.*

D-4829: W-What?… S-Stop it. Stop it! What do you WANT?!

*D-4829 collapses to the floor in agony, rambling incoherently for the remainder of the test, before the hatch for SCP-XXXX's finger is closed, obstructing the view of the arm from D-4829, who stays on the ground for approximately two more minutes, before getting up, slightly shaking.*

Experiment log XXXX-2 -

Subject: D-4523
Exposure duration: one minute.
Result: After thirty minutes of enclosed exposure, D-4523 began retelling the events that caused him to end up in the D class program, including the murder of his now deceased fiance and subsequent evading of the law for two months. It is important to note that D-4523 seemed to possess an extreme capacity to remember these past events, despite showing vague recollection of his crime in the past. After the view was terminated, D-4523 remained crouched in a fetal position for approximately one hour, refusing to get up or move, before being escorted back to his quarters. Enclosed is an interview with D-4523 done after he recovered from SCP-XXXX's effect:

Interviewer: Dr. Sullyvan, Site-19

Interviewee: D-4523


Dr. Sullyvan: Ah, D-4523. I was hoping I could ask you a few questions about your recent experience with SCP-XXXX.

*D-4523 begins to sweat heavily at the mention of SCP-XXXX, as well as fidgeting in his chair.*

D-4523: Y-You're not going to put me in front of that… That thing again, are you? Please…

*Dr. Sullyvan is seen writing down several notes about D-4523's instinctual reaction before continuing.*

Dr. Sullyvan: Worry not, the experiment has been concluded already. However, I still have to ask you several questions about it.

D-4523: Alright… Alright doc.

Dr. Sullyvan: Good. Now, first of all, what did you feel when observing SCP-XXXX's finger? You seemed to be in quite the panic.

D-4523: It was just so… So judgemental. Like, tried to look into my soul, or something like that, I guess.

Dr. Sullyvan: …Judgemental? Elaborate, please.

D-4523: Believe me that I could if I would, but this… This just felt so… So intrusive. Like I had nowhere to hide. I-I figured that if I confess or something maybe it will go away, but… It didn't.

Dr. Sullyvan: I see… And can you recall what made you remember the murder of your fiance so vividly?

D-4523: I… Did? I don't really remember what happened near the end of the test, just that I was screaming anything that I could to make that judgment stop.

*Dr. Sullyvan is seen pausing for a minute or so in silence.*

Dr. Sullyvan: One last question, then. Are you… religious, by any means?

D-4523: Not at all, why?

Dr. Sullyvan: It's not your concern. That will be all, D-4523.


Researcher notes: So XXXX is seen as a judicial figure, then…

Experiment log XXXX-4 -

Subject: D-1392
Exposure duration: One (1) hour.
Note: Unlike other subjects, D-1392 has no severe criminal record, instead joining the D class program under [DATA REDACTED].
Result: Subject reacted in the a similar manner to previous subjects for the first sixty seconds, though after subject seemed to grow more and more desperate, screaming out loud every minute misdeed that he had ever committed in his life. Those actions include:

  • Stealing from a candy shop when he was ten.
  • Burning ants with a magnifying glass.
  • kicking a cat that scratched D-1392.
  • Lying to his mother ██ times.

It is important to note once more that subject's ability to recall selective memories of his misdeeds seems to be vastly amplified by SCP-XXXX, or, alternatively, is a result of internal mental stress brought forth by SCP-XXXX's anomalous effect. Further testing is required.

Researcher note: After the experiment was brought to a close, D-1392 stayed in a state of elevated stress and anxiety for ten hours, in which he attempted to talk to nearby staff and personnel about the various misdeeds mentioned during the experiment. Subject showed immense levels of guilt towards those actions, stating that it deserves to burn for them. After the ten hour period had passed, D-1392 returned to a mentally stable state, though certain vivid memories mentioned during the experiment remained. D-1392, like all other test subjects, showed a great amount of fear when mentioning SCP-XXXX to him, and expressed he would rather be terminated rather than be exposed to SCP-XXXX again.

Experiment log XXXX-5 -

Subject: D-1392
Exposure duration: One (1) hour.
Note: Subject violently resisted being escorted