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Infected individual showing signs of SCP-XXXX.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object class: Euclid Keter

Special containment procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained in a 5 x 5 x 5 concrete chamber with a wall thickness of 2 metres. All doors must be solid steel, and are to be reinforced with a double lock system and must be at least 25 cm in thickness. Strictly no organic matter is to enter the chamber at any time, however in the case of contamination, all personnel are to adhere to containment breach protocol Level 5.

No contact with SCP-XXXX is to be made at any time, and in the case of making physical contact with SCP-XXXX, all contaminated subjects must immediately be terminated by incineration, with no exceptions.

At least 5 personnel are to guard the container at all times, with video and audio surveillance being recorded 24 hours a day. Any behavioural changes observed in SCP-XXXX are to be reported to O5 personnel immediately. If any personnel report feeling distressed or developing extreme trypophobia, they must be removed from SCP-XXXX's presence and sent for psychological evaluation. It is suggested that each personnel assigned to SCP-XXXX are rotated on a weekly basis to prevent the development of trypophobia and any distress caused by it.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a tall humanoid entity heavily disfigured by thousands of irregular holes covering its skin. These holes all vary in size, however they cause great uneasiness in those who observe it for too long. Some personnel had reported vomiting immediately upon seeing SCP-XXXX. SCP-XXXX will often scratch at its own skin violently, often widening the holes or becoming highly irritated and uncomfortable. In distress, SCP-XXXX will

SCP-XXXX has a very pale grey skin tone, with abnormally long, flexible limbs and fingers which can stretch twice past their normal size. SCP-XXXX has no facial features or hair, and doesn't require any sustenance as it lacks any vital internal organs. Some of the holes across SCP-XXXX’s skin contain a small white eyeball, with at least over 100 eyes in total. Despite that, SCP-XXXX appears to be almost blind with very poor eyesight.

SCP-XXXX mostly relies on sound to locate its victims or navigate its containment. It often leans against the walls, leaving viscous traces of [DATA REDACTED] where it has made contact. All of its skin holes produce this material, giving SCP-XXXX a slimy, slightly pink appearance.

If SCP-XXXX ever makes physical contact with organic matter, it can infect them. This process has been observed to initiate with SCP-XXXX covering the subject in its fluid. Then, the object begins to mutate exponentially, with holes similar to SCP-XXXX appearing across its surface before the same pink fluid is produced as well. This subject has then become an instance of SCP-XXXX-1. Eventually, SCP-XXXX and the subject SCP-XXXX-1 become part of the same mind, with SCP-XXXX-1 moving at the will of SCP-XXXX. SCP-XXXX-1 can also spread the infection to other objects as well as SCP-XXXX.

SCP-XXXX has no limit on how many hosts it can connect to itself, and can convert any organic matter from plants to large animals and humans. It is unknown whether SCP-XXXX can also infect bacterium, algae, and other microorganisms, but if that were a possibility, the consequences would be catastrophic; having each microorganism infecting another until it spreads to an area so vast it would wipe out large portions of the human population. Due to this possibility and the resources needed to prevent a breach, SCP-XXXX has been reclassified as Keter.

Addendum XXXX-1: Retrieval

SCP-XXXX was located in a rural area where local farmers had noticed a strange occurrence within the forest. Trees and plant life had become covered with thousands of irregular holes in an area with a diameter of 5 kilometres. Animals and insects had also become infected, with monkeys displaying aggressive behaviour and constantly itching themselves as the holes spread across their flesh, and they had all been connected into one hive mind.

When the foundation arrived to retrieve SCP-XXXX at the centre of the area, the infected site had grown to at least 7 kilometres, with several species contaminated and attempting to spread SCP-XXXX further. The entire area had to be incinerated and contained, and any local witnesses were given Class A amnestics. The location is still under strict surveillance, and must not be approached unless approved by Level 4 personnel or above.