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SCP-XXXX in containment.

Item #: SCP-3917

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3917 is to be kept in a 10m x 10m x 10m chamber with 15cm soundproofing on all walls. No sound recording devices are to enter the chamber at any time, and communication with SCP-3917 is strictly forbidden unless authorized by Level 4 personnel or above. Any personnel caught communicating with SCP-3917 must be apprehended immediately by force.

SCP-3917 is to be monitored on a daily basis using video surveillance with strictly no audio recording.

Description: SCP-3917 is a large avian-like creature with an organic cartilage mask for a face, with two distinct 'eyes' and a 'mouth'. The mask itself does not appear to contain any functioning eyes or a mouth, but rather serving as a warning, instilling an unsettling sense of anxiety when observed for too long. It appears to have very high levels of intelligence and has the ability to communicate in multiple human languages. SCP-3917 has also demonstrated the ability to communicate with other SCPs during short periods of exposure, although the method of this is as of yet unknown.

SCP-3917 stands at a height of about 5.5 metres, with a body length of approximately 8 metres, including the tail. SCP-3917 is capable of articulating it's tail to constrict around objects, and has an elongated neck with the ability to twist 360° and stretch to twice it's normal size. SCP-3917 can often be observed pacing around its container and engaging in regular preening activity, using a uropygial gland located on the base of its tail and cleaning itself for several hours at a time, however the oil produced by the gland has been observed to contain enzymes with possible regenerative properties unseen in any recorded species.

SCP-3917 also moults every 5-6 months for a 3 week period, during this time the chamber must be cleaned of feathers on a daily basis by D-class personnel in groups of no more than 4. All cleaning personnel must be wearing sound cancelling headphones at all times within the chamber. Feathers must be removed and incinerated at once unless approved for testing.

SCP-3917 has the ability to place subjects under a trance once they hear its voice, sending them into an unconscious state wherein they stand stationary before SCP-3917, often for hours on end, with some subjects uncontrollably defecating if they have been stood for long enough along with [DATA REDACTED]. Subjects appear to be completely paralyzed, and when forcibly removed from SCP-3917's presence the subject eventually becomes comatose. So far, no subjects removed from SCP-3917's presence after hearing its voice have regained consciousness, but otherwise their condition seems stable, apart from signs of brain activity linked to REM (Rapid Eye Movement) sleep. Further tests showed that subjects were in a deep state of dreaming, with high levels of brain activity showing that subjects may be experiencing highly stressful and active nightmares, which often occur most commonly during REM sleep.

Subjects that weren't removed from SCP-3917's containment after hearing its voice appear to be in the deep REM nightmare state whilst they are stood in SCP-3917's presence, occasionally twitching their arms or letting out a faint scream. The subjects have been observed to stay in this condition indefinitely, with SCP-3917 ignoring them for varying periods of time, and can often leave multiple subjects stood unconsciously in its containment for weeks at a time. Eventually, SCP-3917 opens the mask-like face down the centre, splitting a gash open down the length of the neck until it reaches the shoulders, forming a large mouth that opens horizontally. This mouth contains several translucent human incisors all with varying proportions, along with a tongue that protrudes from deep within SCP-3917's body. As SCP-3917 opens its mouth, it emits a high pitched sound resembling a shrill hiss, before approaching an unconscious subject and swallowing them whole.

SCP-3917 usually requires sustenance once every month, although it can be observed lasting for 6 months without any nourishment before it becomes distressed and noticeably malnourished. SCP-3917 is able to keep a human subject alive in it's stomach for 2 weeks, slowly digesting the victim and keeping them unconscious. It is presumed that whilst the victim is in SCP-3917's stomach, they are kept in the nightmare state until they eventually die. This could be to prevent SCP-3917's victims from escaping, although SCP-3917 also appears to enjoy tormenting the subjects, with prolonged digestion occurring to possibly torture the subject for longer.

Whilst digesting, SCP-3917 has also shown to be much less active, often perched with one leg or stood stationary in the corners of its containment. SCP-3917 also takes no more than 3 victims whilst digesting, possibly due to not wanting to become overfed or have an overcrowded chamber. Experimentation may be possible during this period with approval from Level 4 personnel.

Once SCP-3917 has completed the digestion process, it will defecate the remains and continue the process again, often waiting a few days until it will eat again, luring new victims in and keeping them unconscious as sustenance for later. SCP-3917's feces have shown to contain traces of [DATA REDACTED] and human hair.

Addendum 3917-01: SCP-3917 located at █████, on █/█/2018.

SCP-3917 was first discovered after reports of a 'mysterious killer' in █████. SCP-3917 had formed a lair in a cave, containing approximately ██ missing persons and ██ unidentified persons, all unconscious and stored between large rocks or gaps between the cave walls. It appears that SCP-3917 had been preying on the same area for only a while, beginning the hunting on █/█/2016 and ending on █/█/2018, when SCP-3917 was located and contained. No reports of a bird-like creature had spread around the area of █████, however citizens were claiming they had 'a demon lurking among them', with some individuals stating they believed the kidnappings were carried out by a 'masked devil'. An interview was later carried out on a resident of █████ named Martha Scott. Miss Scott was compliant with the interview, and agreed to have her interview recorded:

Note: Miss. Scott is to be administered a dose of Class D amnestic and she is to be surveyed for another 2 days, no exceptions.

- Dr. Riley