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The Museum of Sloth's Pit is a quiet place — somewhere to leave the present, and reflect on our past. Displayed within rows upon rows of inert cabinets, strange ornaments, tools, and fossils peer at us from a world we can now only imagine—


The museum floor becomes showered in glass, a woman screams and ducks, a large fist retracts, and an orc takes his prize. Two cloaked figures fly over the body of a man in a blue suit and burst through the front doors, carrying with them their bag of loot. Angry sirens begin a moment later, but the getaway car is only at the bottom of the museum steps…


Three Sloth's Pit PD trucks barrel down Main Street, sirens screaming, towards a swift blue car up ahead. When the anomalous is normal, so is having big cars and big guns, and anyone confident enough to steal from The Museum of Sloth's Pit is going to need them.

Without warning, the back-right window of the getaway car rolls down, and, one by one, two dozen small, round, clockwork devices are hurled out in quick succession. They hit their targets and-


"That's all they got?" asks the cog-ridden one.

"We will see!" replies the green-skinned one.

"What's that up ahead?"

A white company transport van drives onto the street and blocks the end of the road, showing no signs of moving out of the way. Plastered across the van's side is an inconspicuous company logo…

The small driver chimes up,

"Is that a plastic company?"


Dr. Whitney hated Site-87 slightly less than Site-17. Humans weren't any less grating to deal with, but at least here her co-workers didn't look at her like she had just escaped from containment.

Enjoy it while you can, she thought.

She had barely a minute to get comfortable in her new office when she received a call. The Site Director had a job for her.


Incident 7361-6535

On 2019/08/16, three individuals with anomalous traits and capabilities broke into The Museum of Sloth's Pit. In the process of which they incapacitated a security guard and stole a valuable anomalous item: the ten-thousand-year-old partial skeletal remains of a now-extinct 'blue mana' frog. They were later apprehended by Site-87 field personnel after overpowering Sloth's Pit PD with anomalous weaponry.

The following interviews were conducted by Dr. Maya Whitney — directly following apprehension — in an effort to determine the culprits’ identities, anomalous traits, and motives before further actions were taken.


PoI-2231 is a large man with brown eyes, black hair, dark green skin, a deep voice, and two white tusks that protrude from his mouth. When apprehended his face and chest were painted with red and brown pigments, he was wearing a coat made from the hide of a bear, and he was carrying a battle-ax — which has since been confiscated.


PoI-2232 is a woman with green eyes, curly brown hair, and numerous mechanical, bodily augmentations. The extent of the modifications is unknown, but various parts can be seen protruding from her body — such as a cog from her right cheek and metal plates in her right shoulder. As a result of these augmentations, PoI-2232's chest constantly emanates an audible ticking noise. PoI-2232 was found carrying various anomalous, clockwork weaponry — including more of the small explosive devices that were used to overpower Sloth's Pit PD.

She is likely associated with the Cogwork Orthodox Church.


PoI-2233 is a 5-year-old child with brown hair and brown eyes. Since being taken into custody, he has shown fear and confusion towards Site-87 staff and repeatedly asked to be returned to his mother. Security footage shows PoI-2233 to have been driving the car PoI-2231 and PoI-2232 used to escape from the crime scene, although how someone of his age managed this is unknown.

Whitney gathered her paper and clipboard and removed herself from the interview room and the strange child-man that sat within. She wandered through the unfamiliar halls of Site-87 until her ears caught the sound of chatter and laughter. She peeked her head around a doorway to see a room of people bonding over their shared love of hot chocolate on a cold Winter's day.

She let herself fill with resentment for a good five seconds before she realized what she was doing and tore her gaze away. She continued through the hallway for a minute more until she came to a window. A large window. One that gave her full view of the never-ending forests that surrounded the quiet town. The forests where animals practice old magic. The forests where daisies sing songs in the quiet dawn. The forests where—

Now's not the time to daydream, Whitney,

You have work to do.