Be Kind, Rewind (Artenado Second Draft)

A photo of SCP-0000 pulled from a now deleted Twitter Research account.

Item #: SCP-0000

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the nature of SCP-0000, tracking has been difficult since its location will globally shift after a period measuring between 2 – 5 months. Tracking devices have proven to be ineffective in that they do not travel with the SCP upon teleportation. In the instance that the SCP-0000 is located, an outpost is to be set up approximately 100 feet away from the SCP-0000. The outpost is for monitoring any and all civilian interactions with SCP.

Due to the effects and nature of SCP-0000, administration of amnestics to civilians who enter or leave SCP is not normally required. The only times that amnestics should be administered is in the aftermath of a rule being broken. Upon location of SCP-0000, civilian interaction should be kept to a minimum level, though not halted outright.1

Because SCP will advertise itself through flyers in the areas that it manifests in, removal of the flyers is a task that must be kept up with. Since these flyers show up in public places, this is one of the simpler jobs involved with monitoring SCP-0000.

Description: SCP-0000 is a retail video rental store. The store is named "Nightmare Video." Flyers that advertise the store refer to it as “The One Stop Shop for Horror Fans.”

SCP-0000 general layout and style is similar to the now defunct Blockbuster rental chains. However, unlike the general rental chains that provided movies of different genres, SCP-0000 only contains products that have a horror theme. The building itself seems to be impervious to damage to a certain extent. While damage through multiple means has been attempted, the building only receives minor deterioration from these attempts, and continued efforts result in SCP-0000-1 intervening.

The location of SCP-0000 will change after a 2-5-month period, at which point it will teleport to a different global position. The range of its relocation does not seem to have limits, as it has placed itself across the globe on multiple occasions.

The products in question that the store sells and rents out include Movies, Video Games, CD’s Snacks, and Collectibles. An exact catalog of all products sold by SCP-0000 cannot be ascertained properly due to the size and nature of its stock. While the store does have a finite space, the aisles stock and theme will change depending on what the “customer” is looking for. Change only occurs when a given aisle is empty and unobserved. Aisle themes have varied from common horror sub-genres to more obscure and outright strange combinations and concepts.

Customers who enter the store will be greeted by SCP-0000-1, and will be asked if they can be assisted in any way. Assistance isn’t forced onto the customer, and for all intents and purposes, SCP-0000 operates like a normal retail store despite its anomalous effects.

SCP-0000-1 is a solitary humanoid that resides within SCP-0000, operating as a store clerk. SCP-0000-1 is dressed in a uniform comprised of a red shirt with the Nightmare Video Logo, a pair of tan khaki pants, and a white mask resembling a smiley face that encapsulates the entirety of its head. It also has a name-tag that designates it as “Carson.” Outpost personnel have described SCP-0000-1 as upbeat and helpful, but stern when it comes to store policy. Interviews conducted with SCP-0000-1 have ascertained that it operates the store as a hobby, and as a means of supporting itself. However, it is unknown what it actually does with the currency that it earns since it does not leave the store under normal circumstances. It also appears to be the only "employee" of the store. When asked if there were any job openings, it politely commented, "We are not currently hiring at this time, but I appreciate your interest."

SCP-0000-1 appears to possess an encyclopedic level of knowledge related to Horror topics, covering movies, shows, books, comics, and real-world events that fall under that distinction. SCP-0000-1 will discuss these topics with a level of enthusiasm if given the chance. It also possesses knowledge of films and other forms of media not known to exist in the public consciousness. When pressed, SCP-0000-1 will produce these items for the enjoyment of those who ask.

SCP-0000-2 is a designation given to any form of media within SCP-0000 that does not have a pre-existing documentation within the public consciousness. It is unsure whether SCP-0000 wills these items into existence, or if these items come from alternate universes. When SCP-0000-1 was questioned about the items, it responded that it gets these items from “All over the place,” and further questioning found that it did not fully understand the nature of the question. Analysis of instances of SCP-0000-2 have shown that the items possess a singular anomalous effect. In any attempt to pirate an item with the SCP-0000-2 designation, the attempt will fail. SCP-0000-1 has stated that it keeps business "Fair and Flowing."

The following lists contains a general overview of the sections of the store as well as a collection of example aisles that the store has generated:

Wall Section Wall Product Contents
1 MUSIC A collection of CD’s and Records that vary from Rock Music to Horror Soundtracks.
2 SNACKS Food products of varying brands can be found here. Candy is prevalent alongside seasonal variants of different foods. Halloween seems to be the common theme.
3 COLLECTIBLES A wide variety of horror collectibles are found on this wall. This includes replicas, figures, posters, etc.

The List below has been edited to contain examples of items that have been found in the aisles with no public record of existence beforehand.

Aisle Example Aisle Name Content Examples
01 SLASHER (Alice, Sweet Alice) (Nightmare on Elm Street) (Halloween) (Drive-In Massacre) (Sleepaway Camp) (Carl Is Coming) (Freddy Vs. Jason Vs. Ash)
02 BODY HORROR (Cabin Fever) (The Fly) (The Incredible Melting Man) (The Human Centipede) (Zits) (Rabid) (Society)
03 GHOST STORIES (The Shining) (The Ring) (It Follows) (The Fog) (Phantom of the Third Reich) (Poltergeist) (Silent Hill)
04 VAMPIRE (Dracula) (The Devil’s Daughter) (Planet of the Vampires) (Subspecies) (Kiss of the Damned) (Blood on the Dance Floor) (Thirst)
05 ZOMBIE (The Boneyard) (Corpses are Forever) (Night of the Creeps) (Dead Alive 2) (Toxic Zombies)
06 COMEDY HORROR (Hillbillys in a Haunted House) (The Rocky Horror Picture Show) (Attack of the Killer Tomatoes) (Gremlins Vs. Critters)
07 THRILLER (Deep Red) (London After Midnight) (Julia’s Eyes) (Funny Games) (Psycho) (Goodnight Mommy) (Black Swan) (Mr. President) (Don’t Breathe)
08 HORROR GAMES (Dead Space) (Amnesia: The Dark Descent) (Resident Evil) (F.E.A.R.) (Fatal Frame) (Alan Wake) (Luigi’s Mansion: Scream Park) (Until Dawn) (SOMA) (Silent Hills) (Layers of Fear) (Clock Tower) (Doki Doki Sports Club) Note: The game sections, besides containing games that didn’t exist before, also contain games in formats they weren’t previously released on. Ex. Luigi’s Mansion on PS2.
09 SCP NASTYS (The Sculpture) (Bobble: The Movie) (The Reptile That Wouldn’t Die) (Mother’s Love) (The Flesh That Hates) (Piñata) (Avant Garde) (Foundation: A History) (The Doctor) Note: This section appeared during a routine exploration of SCP-0000. The fact that the section was filled with movies based on currently known SCPS, Foundation Exploits, and confidential information led to discussion of changing the SCP’s Object Class. However, since the aisle only shows up for SCP personnel, class change was ruled out. Permission for renting out SCP movies must be submitted using the proper forms and channels.
10 BAKERY (Yeast Infection) (Upper Crust) (Toast) (Breadtime) (The Gingerdead Man) (Stale) (Shut Up and Rye!) (Cookie Cutter) (Shaked and Baked) (Soufflay)

While SCP-0000-1 is a friendly and sociable creature, it takes its “job” very seriously. Any customers who enter are treated in a friendly manner, but are made aware of the store rules which customers must follow. Those rules are found on a poster at the front of the store. The rules as they appear on the poster are as such:

  • Don't Make a Mess. If You Do, Clean It Up Please.
  • Don't Put Movies Back in Different Aisles
  • No Shoplifting
  • Return Rented Items by the Allotted Date.

Should any of the first 3 rules be broken, the store will lock and SCP-0000-1 will make the offending party aware of their discretion. Should the party refuse to correct the wrong, SCP-0000-1 will forcefully remove the party from the store. SCP-0000-1, despite having a common build, shows an unnatural level of strength, being able to handle customers twice its size with little to zero effort. It’s also noted that while SCP-0000-1 will forcefully remove parties, it does this with the intent of doing as little harm to the customer as possible. SCP-0000-1 has stated that it does not like to solve these disputes in this manner, but it feels it to be necessary in those cases.

Should an item not be returned by the allotted rental date, SCP-0000-1 will temporarily close the shop in order to retrieve the item. SCP-0000-1 appears to have an enhanced awareness of the location of its stock. Any attempts to impede SCP-0000-1 prove unsuccessful, as any obstruction with a means of bypass will allow SCP-0000-1 to pass (Ex. Locked Doors will unlock). Should the impediment not have a natural way of bypass, SCP-0000-1 will use a certain level of strength to forcefully deal with the obstruction (Ex. Rip through Steel Walls, punch through Concrete). Upon reaching the item in question, SCP-0000-1 will retrieve the item and return to the store. Should the party who rented the item be there when SCP-0000-1 retrieves the item, it will reprimand them before leaving.

It should be noted that breaking the rules also results in the party being banned from the store. Should a banned party try to enter the store, the door will refuse to open for them, preventing entry. Should a banned party try and enter the store while the door is open, the door will shut with an extensive level of speed and force. In one instance, a previously banned member of Outpost Personnel tried to enter the store in this manner. The door slammed shut with enough force to sever the agent’s hand.