[aS]'s sandpit

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX-1 is to be contained on a wooden table in a cube room measuring 4 meters on each side, and to be removed for longer periods of testing. SCP-XXXX-2 is to be placed in a box next to SCP-XXXX-1. SCP-XXXX-1 is to be wired to a standard CRT television. Access to XXXX requires at least one Level 2 or higher personnel to be in the room during use or testing. (See Incident Log XXXX-A). MTF-513 (Mindsweepers) is tasked with tracking down copies of SCP-XXXX-1

Description: SCP-XXXX is the designation given to a pair of anomalous entities that work in conjuction with one another. SCP-XXXX-1 is a DVD player that, alone, exhibits no anomalous properties. The effects of SCP-XXXX-1 are only observed when XXXX-2 is placed in the disk slot. SCP-XXXX-2 is a standard DVD copy of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and behaves just as such within any other DVD player. SCP-XXXX-2 exhibits a large amount of physical damage from [REDACTED], but manages to function within -1. Testing on SCP-XXXX's negative effects is currently ongoing.

When SCP-XXXX-2 is placed within SCP-XXXX-1 and -1 is powered on, the phrase "memWare ver. 1.7 by Vorgessin, inc." is displayed. This is followed by a prompt, which has varied each time the disk was used. Current results have included:

  • "What's on your mind?" (320 times.)
  • "What troubles you?" (90 times.)
  • "Who do you want to disappear?" (9 times.)
  • [DATA EXPUNGED] (Once.)

The messages appear to have no proper pattern or loop.

The person who switched on SCP-XXXX-1 begins to feel compelled to talk to the television screen, and starts to explain and answer the question on-screen truthfully. After describing their answer, the television screen goes black. At the same time, the usser faints. The recovery period after this is unknown believed to be between 15 minutes and 30 minutes believed to be between 15 minutes to 5 days. Tests to see the effects of the blackouts with SCP-500 are pending approval forbidden.

After the user of SCP-XXXX awakens, they will act as if nothing has happened. However, anything that was disclosed to SCP-XXXX will be removed from the user's memory, along with the anomaly itself. This memory wiping only happens to a direct user, and anyone nearby will not be affected.

SCP-XXXX was brought to the Foundation's attention after Richard █████, mayor of ██████████, Kentucky, did not show up to his office for ██ days, and left his family behind. On ██/██/200█, Task Force MTF Omega-514 (Jive Mind) was dispatched to the town to investigate for anomalous activity.

When Foundation forces arrived in ████████, a majority of the populous was found distraught. Amnestics were delivered to all affected individuals and witnesses. (See Incident Log XXXX-A)