Ashbury Street Proposal
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Images of WD-130603B before and after Incursion 001-3; one of several notable astronomical phenomena affected by the disturbance.

Item #: SCP-001

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The construction of "X-Sites" in order to implement the KRONOS Project is currently ongoing. The Department of Ectodimensional Anomalies (DEDA) is overseeing this project. Further details below.

Description: The designation SCP-001 refers to an ongoing conflict between several groups with access to anomalous interdimensional and temporal technology, including several extradimensional Foundation analogs. Colloquially referred to as the "Trans-Temporal War," the conflict presents a significant threat to humanity and normalcy in the baseline universe. DEDA is involved in several ongoing projects to establish diplomatic relations and protect this universe from extra-temporal interference.

SCP-001 Relevant Parties1

Faction Description Status Containment Options
Foundation Nexus A conglomeration of 47 alternate Foundations (all within 88.3% similarity to baseline). Voted to declare war 03/23/2015, and has weaponized various anomalies in order to defend against other factions in the conflict. Baseline Foundation representatives have negotiated a defense treaty 04/22/2015. Unnecessary.
True Timeline Advanced terrorist organization responsible for the destruction of at least thirteen alternate universes. Adherents consider themselves the occupants of the "prime" reality, and claim all other timelines are "impure." Black-Level Threat When completed, ETID-Net will protect baseline Earth from their interference.
OTSP2 Foundation Version of the Foundation that merged with a United Earth government and uses its temporal technology to monitor "timeline disruptions." Founded by an alternate Dr. Terrence Laverty.3 Allied with Foundation Nexus. When completed, ETID-Net will protect baseline Earth from their interference.
GoI-344 ("The Judge's Yellow Court") See documentation here. Believed neutralized after Project Eisen-Simpson, the court has been reformed and is now under the control of several former prisoners. Allied with the OTSP Foundation; non-aggression treaty signed with the Foundation Nexus. When completed, ETID-Net will protect baseline Earth from their interference.
GoI-004-AUFI66645 Alternate Church of the Broken God, capable of spatiotemporal incursions via the use of wormholes generated by a "Central Power Collective." Red-Level Threat When completed, ETID-Net will protect baseline Earth from their interference.
Dimension Zero A "blank slate" universe that formed in thermodynamic equilibrium, resulting in a lack of stellar structures and native life. Colonized by refugees from AUFN47891, a universe obliterated by True Timeline. Neutral; non-aggression treaties signed with most other parties. Unnecessary.
Temporal Insurrection Alliance Organization that believes evil began at the beginning of the universe, and that the universe should "restart" and reform under their guidance. Downgraded to High-Yellow Threat following the deployment of the Pattern Screamer Defense Grid. When completed, ETID-Net will protect baseline Earth from their interference.
'Best of Both Worlds' Acquisitions "Corporate merger" business native to AUFI33839. Specializes in "merging" parallel timelines, resulting in their mutual destruction and the creation of a new, artificial timeline with a mixture of the "positive" characteristics of both. Sued by Foundation Nexus lawyers. Interdimensional civil hearing is currently ongoing, with legal representatives of local reality present. When completed, ETID-Net will protect baseline Earth from their interference.
FREE4 Foundation Alternate Foundation (AUFP9073743) allied with several Groups of Interest. Experienced a vacuum metastability event and have used violent force to attempt evacuations of their universe, endangering other timelines in the process. Upgraded to Red-Level Threat after the deaths of DEDA ambassadors who were taken hostage while attempting to negotiate a long-term resettlement plan. When completed, ETID-Net will protect baseline Earth from their interference.
Violet Theta Interuniversal Volunteer medical organization providing medical and technical assistance throughout the conflict. Declared non-combatant status and medic immunity. This has been respected by most parties. Unnecessary.


KRONOS Project

Classified Level 4/001


X-Site 001-D, currently under construction.

"X-Site" Development

Department of Ectodimensional Anomalies


  • X-Site 001-A (Adak, Alaska) <ACTIVE>
  • X-Site 001-B (Christchurch, New Zealand) <INACTIVE>
  • X-Site 001-C (A Coruña, Spain) <INACTIVE>
  • X-Site 001-D (Valley of the Kings, Egypt) <INACTIVE>
  • X-Site 001-E (Mnemba Island, Tanzania) <INACTIVE>
  • X-Site 001-F (Quito, Ecuador) <INACTIVE>
  • X-Site 001-G (Pulau Samulun, Singapore) <INACTIVE>
  • X-Site 001-H (Cape Canaveral, Florida) <INACTIVE>

X-Sites have been proposed as a means of protecting the baseline universe from SCP-001. These Sites will utilize Entropic Temporal Isolation Defense Network (ETID-Net) technology, which has already been tested and successfully deployed at Overseer HQ (X-Site 001-A). The ETID-Net is adapted from existing Xyank/Anastasakos Constant Temporal Sink and Lang-Scranton Stabilizer technology, with additional components from the XN-SHEPHERD project and various extradimensional allies.

When an X-Site has its ETID-Net activated, approximately 100,000 cubic meters of space (including the site and all systems) will be shifted into a "static" phase state. This will isolate the Site from outside temporal interference; any changes to the timeline that affect the rest of the universe will have no effect within the network (dubbed "the bubble" by staff).

The ETID-Net at X-Site 001-A has been online since 2017, with no technical issues to date. Sphere harmonics and Cauchy–Schwarz inequalities have remained well within acceptable parameters; largely due to the efforts of Sasha (sasha.aic), an artificial intelligence developed by AIAD for the specific requirements of X-Site 001-A. Sasha automatically runs constant system diagnostics, and has been designed to detect changes in the timeline outside the ETID-Net. When a temporal incursion occurs, the ETID-Net will experience a brief (but harmless) power surge as it compensates for the spatiotemporal fluctuations. When this occurs, Sasha will automatically activate her "VEOD" subroutine. This will cross-reference the Foundation database within the temporal isolation network against the database in "normal" space-time, and record notable differences and an estimated degree of similarity to baseline reality.