SCP-4000: Knowledge is Power
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Item #: SCP-4000 Threat Level:
Object Class: Neutralized Green


Aftermath of Incident 4000-LIBER.

Special Containment Procedures (Revised 12/23/2017): The land formerly occupied by SCP-4000 is under surveillance, though deemed low-risk for future anomalous activity. The property will be put up for sale with permission from Director ██████ in accordance with Protocol 2112.1

All personnel involved with Incident 4000-LIBER have been disciplined/amnesticized/reassigned or are scheduled to be pending further inquiries into the incident.

Description: SCP-4000 is an exact replica of the original Library of Alexandria, a large repository of ancient knowledge from the Roman Empire. The original Library was destroyed around 48 BCE in a fire started by Julius Caesar,3 resulting in an incalculable loss of ancient works and public knowledge from the era.

SCP-4000 manifested in San Joaquin Valley in late 2015, and was located by Foundation field agents after an intercepted telephone call reported "a very old building that wasn't there yesterday." After a secure provisional site was declared, Dr. Haight4 was brought in from Site-██ to analyze the structure. His initial report may be viewed below: