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Designation: GoI-1223.E.U


Best of Both Worlds Acquisitions (logo).

Threat Level: Red

Relevant Documents: SCP-4223

Preliminary Notes (Universe FLV3254169)

GoI-1223.E.U is based in Universe FLV3254169, a Foundation-negative reality that, despite having Ectodimensional Way Generation technology, has refused registry on the Exo-Universal Council.

In the U-FLV3254169 timeline, human society coexisted with anomalous phenomena for a significant period. The formation of the Central Occult Directive in 1879 created decades of conflict before human governments established a basis for normalcy similar to that which the Foundation maintains. Contemporary civilization is unexpectedly similar between local reality and U-FLV3254169, with the most notable exception of technology. Presumably due to the study of anomalous science from a much earlier point, U-FLV3254169 has advanced to meet (and in some cases, surpass) the technology of most Foundation iterations.


GoI-1223.E.U is Best of Both Worlds Acquisitions, a business conglomerate with access to advanced spatiotemporal technology. According to data from representatives (corroborated by independent Foundation research), the group has established an economic (and occasionally political) presence in at least 150 universes.

The primary service offered by GoI-1223.E.U is "Outcome-Focused Mergers." The process, as understood from acquired materials and intelligence, is as follows:


Corporate headquarters in East Clayton, FL.1

  1. A client files a Merge Request with the firm, identifying their native universe (TN) and desired timeline outcome (DT);
  2. The request is approved by a Board of Directors and a government representative;
  3. ASIMOV2 performs necessary calculations and identifies a dimensional iteration with 95-99% similarity to the specifications in the Merge Request;
  4. The JEAN-LUC array (see below) is activated, instigating a CK-class Restructuring scenario;
  5. TN universe and DT universe are mutually obliterated, and a new universe is formed, combining the desired characteristics of both "parent" timelines as specified in the Merge Request.

The Multiversal Foundation Network has been monitoring GoI-1223.E.U since July 1947. In a civil suit filed by the Network, the judiciary of the EUC ruled in favor of the Foundation(s), barring GoI-1223.E.U from interfering with the timelines of MFN universes. This decision hypothetically protects baseline reality from their influence; however, the group has not always respected MFN jurisdiction. Through legal loopholes and questionable ethical decisions, the MFN has reached a "cold war" state of undeclared, espionage-focused conflict with GoI-1223.E.U.

Technological Notes

Spacetime Isolation (CATHYS)

The organization's headquarters are isolated within a system evidently similar to (but developed independently from) Foundation XAC Temporal Sinks. A ring of thirteen (13) tachyon stabilizers surround the complex, which, in tandem with what appears to be a graviton-based device similar to Foundation reality anchors, creates a spherical pocket around the facility which isolates it from normal spacetime. This effectively shields the area from extratemporal interference.

The system is referred to as "Cathy's Network."3 The design specifications are patented and cannot be accessed in the public record; However, undercover Foundation agents have identified some key components, and attempts to construct a functional analog are ongoing at Site-120 (see DEDA "Project Dharmadhatu").


The JLA is the primary system used by GoI-1223.E.U for their merger operations. It is composed of a network of forty-seven (47) unmanned stations that have been anchored in low-Hume Floater Universes. They can be remotely transported to the desired realities using individual miniaturized EWGs. Once positioned, the array analyzes the distinct quantum variations in each universe, and creates a coordinated system of spacetime fractures that ultimately destroy both universes and create the new "merged" reality.

The JLA technically complies with interdimensional law and cannot be altered or destroyed by Foundation forces without provoking retaliation. Neutralization proposals are being considered by the MFN Ethics Division.

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