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One of the only known photos of SCP-LAMP taken from within its active effect.

Item #: SCP-LAMP

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-LAMP is to be stored in a Safe containment locker at Site-113 when it is not being actively tested, as it possesses no anomalous qualities while disconnected from a power source.

Its testing chamber should be a minimum of six (6) cubic meters in size, with a power supply that can be deactivated without entering SCP-LAMP-1.1 SCP-LAMP must be centralized in this chamber while active, and elevated to 1.7 m above the floor.

Description: SCP-LAMP is a regular desk lamp, with moderate wear and designed in a late 1990s to early 2000s style. Interior study of the object has indicated nothing unusual about its construction to explain its anomalous abilities. While unpowered or its bulb is missing/broken, it will exhibit no anomalous abilities.

If provided with an appropriate power supply and bulb, SCP-LAMP's primary effect will activate. Rather than providing illumination, it will instead produce a perfect, 3.7 m diameter sphere which absorbs most energy acting upon it, such as light and electromagnetism. This causes the sphere to appears superficially as a complete lack of illumination. The sphere and its internal anomalous space are designated SCP-LAMP-1.

The first human entering SCP-LAMP-1 is designated the primary subject. This individual is the focus of the effect. Other, secondary subjects may enter SCP-LAMP-1 as well. The primary subject may end the effect by approaching and deactivating SCP-LAMP, which returns all populating subjects to the approximate location they entered SCP-LAMP-1. If SCP-LAMP is deactivated by a secondary subject or external forces, the primary subject will lapse into a severe catatonic state until they are re-exposed to SCP-LAMP-1 as the primary subject.2

Physics within SCP-LAMP-1 is unpredictable, and generally causes equipment failures. For this reason, limited exploration of SCP-LAMP-1's interior has been possible. Its interior is an apparently limitless void, with the only observable and constant feature being SCP-LAMP itself. Illumination is only provided by SCP-LAMP itself, with other sources failing to raise light levels.

If the primary subject remains near SCP-LAMP, they will encounter 2-5 humanoid instances which will emerge from the darkness outside of SCP-LAMP's area of illumination. In all known manifestations, the instances SCP-LAMP-2 and SCP-LAMP-3 have appeared to the subject(s). All instances focus their attention on the primary subject; secondary subjects will usually be ignored.

  • SCP-LAMP-2 invariably takes the form of a physically imposing, elderly human, typically male and of varying ethnicity/appearance. The instance seems to be highly intelligent and eloquent, but will always react to the primary subject with a mix of antipathy and concern. This instance seems particularly lucid, but highly resistant to discussing anything aside from the primary subject.
  • SCP-LAMP-3 manifests as some form of childlike figure of unpredictable morphology, often expressing female traits. Unlike SCP-LAMP-2, the instance will always display overt affection for the primary subject, often seeking their attention in the form of games, meaningless conversations or other benign distractions.
  • Additional, unique instances have appeared in some manifestations. The natures of these are unpredictable, but they typically display much more extreme behaviours than SCP-LAMP-2 and -3. As none have appeared across multiple primary subjects, they have no set designations.

Testing has indicated that these instances possess a metaphysical connection to the psyche of the primary subject, although the actual logic behind this connection is difficult to quantify. Each instance seems to have influence over different cognitive factors, with these associations changing between primary subjects.

Exposure to and interaction with these instances will cause a shift in these cognitive factors with increasing severity over time. This can cause an observable change in a person's interpersonal habits, worldviews, value and morality systems, and dominant ego states, resulting in a complete change in the primary subject's behaviours and motivations. Secondary subjects will not be directly affected in the same way, but instead seem to possess a lesser ability to influence the primary subject in the same fashion as the SCP-LAMP instances.

These changes happen fluidly during interactions, and it has been noted that the manifested instances will seem to compete with one another to monopolize the primary subject's attention, therefore exerting more influence over them. Exiting SCP-LAMP-1 will not reverse these changes, nor do amnestics.

Recovery: The object was discovered in an abandoned home in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada on 04/27/2013. The suburban home had belonged to the ███████ family, who were reported missing 04/26/2013. Investigators entering the home discovered that its interior had been methodically destroyed. The heavily decomposed bodies of Mr. J███ ███████ and Mrs. M████ ███████ had been arranged in their beds as if sleeping, despite indicators of violent deaths. Their children Dominic and L███ were not located at the scene and their current whereabouts are unknown.

SCP-LAMP-1 was encountered by the responding Containment Specialists. As its source was unclear prior to deactivation, specialists entered the anomalous space to investigate. Specialist B████ inadvertantly became the primary subject of the effect. As all recording equipment failed, only Specialist B████'s debriefing interview is available.


SCP-LAMP is a significant cognitohazard. Despite intrinsic difficulties in studying and interviewing SCP-LAMP and its related instances indirectly, only D-class personnel will be used as primary subjects,3 and any Foundation personnel who become primary subjects for any reason will be subject to containment, amnestics and/or demotion to E-class.

Primary test subjects are not to be reintroduced into the standard D-class population and instead be isolated for observation and interview.4 Should the object cease functioning unexpectedly during testing, the primary subject is to be immediately terminated.

SCP-LAMP has undergone extremely extensive testing due to the unpredictable and subjective nature of its anomalous effects. As testing heavily involves psychiatric observation of affected test subjects, logs include their preliminary and post-exposure psychological profiles. Tests with notable results have been listed here; for a full testing log, please access LAMP-TEST-LOG.

Efforts have also been made during testing to conduct focused interviews with the SCP-LAMP-2 and -3 instances, and on one occasion, one of the additional instances. In all cases, interviews were conducted directly by D-class serving as the primary subject. Interviews were transcribed by Foundation researchers, due to audio equipment failing within SCP-LAMP-1.

Incident Reports:
Prior to current test protocols being established, SCP-LAMP's original testing regimen resulted in potential breach scenarios. Foundation personnel were able to prevent any lasting damage to operations, and significant data was collected regarding SCP-LAMP which led to the current protocols. Relevant incident reports are included here.

Due to the active destruction of the ███████ home, very little information was found at the recovery site. The hard drive of Dominic ███████ was particularly damaged, but Foundation technicians were able to recover a partially corrupted image of Duncan taken through a window in front of SCP-LAMP, apparently in meditation. SCP-LAMP-1 is not observed.

The following emails were also partially recovered. Investigations into the identity of the sender are ongoing.

I know about it, Dominic. Don't worry how.

I know what you did to it, and what it can do to you.

You want to get inside, Dominic? I can help if you let me.

But if you don't let me, Dominic, I can get inside on my own.

Let's be friends, Dom.

If you want to be friends, then [ADDITIONAL DATA CORRUPTED]

Dominic. Why don't you understand? Why do you still ignore me?

I want to help you. I want us to help everyone. Together.

Stop hiding from me, you're never going to fix everything. I told you, you can't keep me out. I can do things too. If you won't help me, then I'll help myself.

You think so small, Dominic. Humans are small. Don't limit yourself.

If you just understood, we could [ADDITIONAL DATA CORRUPTED]

Dominic ███████ has been designated PoI-524, and investigation is ongoing into their history and current whereabouts. Every effort should be made to uncover the identity of the sender of the recovered emails, PoI-525.