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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a safe storage locker located in Light Containment Site-57. A minimum of level 3 clearance is required to access SCP-XXXX As a containment breach is impossible, no extra precautions should be taken to prevent a breach. In the event of a Containment Breach, refer to Incident XXXX-Alpha.

Description: SCP-XXXX appears to be a small, cheap crystal pendant and chain, with the crystal being made of selenite and engraved with the image of a large, black scorpion. When placed around the neck and pressed into the chest, the wearer is transported to an unknown location(More below). All GPS equipment and other navigational tools malfunction, becoming inoperable. This only seems to happen to tools that would help with navigation however, as video and audio feeds work seamlessly, albeit a ten second delay.

Prior to containment by the Foundation, SCP-XXXX was used by the ancient egyptian cult ”الجارديان القمري” (Translated “Children of Glegakhi”) as a way to torture and eventually kill subjects who were deemed unfit for forced conversion through the eventual mental insanity that the object caused through its sensory deprivation. The cult was headed by █████████ ████████████, a former christian pastor who served time in ████████ Mental Hospital after a domestic abuse trial where he claimed that “The god Set instructed (him)” to commit the murder of his wife and two children. After obtaining his freedom on the grounds of good conduct, ████████████ began preaching a twisted and revised version of christianity, in which ancient egyptian gods took the place of many prominent figures. It is currently unknown when ████████████ obtained the amulet exactly, just that it was with his cult when it was found and able to be contained. Gaining a cult following, ████████████ soon began to forcibly spread his new religion to other churches in the town of ███ ███████, Wyoming. After sufficient missing persons reports were filed and local police were dumbfounded by a “Necklace that steals people”, the Foundation dispatched Mobile Task Forces Sigma 12 (Wolves of Rain) and Gamma 5 (Red Herrings) to contain SCP-XXXX and administer mass amnestics to the general public.

████████████ was not found anywhere. However, more than 150 of his followers were gunned down by Sigma 12 in the attempt to neutralise the cult. ████████████ is currently on a Foundation watchlist. Any and all incidents in which he may be a factor are to be reported to Tactical Response Officer ██████ ████████ (I.D. # █████████████)

Following the containment of SCP-XXXX, the foundation appointed Dr. Sarah ███████ and her team of researchers as the head of the research operation. She performed multiple rigorous tests and a total of ██ explorations.

After initial testing, it was found that SCP-XXXX “teleports” subjects to an unknown, presumably underground location. The area described by multiple exploration logs (See bottom) is a large cavernous corridor with a singular light source located on a wall mounted above a door that is always located behind the subject regardless of what direction they were facing prior to “teleportation”. The door itself has four locks bolted and welded into place on the right hand side of the door. All attempts to cut through the locks or the door have failed due to the unknown alloy the door and locks are made of, which is harder than diamond. The cavern in front of the subject is illuminated for around twenty meters before abruptly becoming devoid of all light. This is an inconsistency however, due to the findings of Exploration XXXX-E1 (See below). Cameras and other means of electronic equipment are able to pick up light in the cavern when light is supposed to be present. This has been labeled a sensory anomaly as the eyes and optic nerves become useless. Further testing is required to determine why optical and auditory devices are operable but navigational devices are not.

The multiple explorations of SCP-XXXX have revealed that the cavern is version of loop and trap maze with an unknown force keeping the subject from going back the way he came. Exploration logs have indicated that the maze may be sentient, as there are a set number of rules that apply;

The maze will not alter itself unless any of the following criteria are met:
The subject exploring the maze or the head command guiding the subject have a complete or partial map.
The subject has been through the maze before and is familiar with its layout.
The subject has purposefully avoided areas that are known to contain SCP-XXXX-1, 2, 3, or 4.
Iterations of SCP-XXXX-1 through 4 will only appear when the subject enters a certain area and is thoroughly lost or in a panicked state of mind, no matter how slight said panic is.
The subject cannot be thinking negatively while navigating the maze, as this will result in a “violent fit” of SCP-XXXX altering itself and leading the subject into SCP-XXXX-1, 2, 3, and 4 all at once.

SCP-XXXX-1 through 4 are small arachnid-esque creatures that resemble twisted recreations of the whip scorpion (Thelyphonida). All instances of SCP-XXXX1, 2, 3, and 4 seem to inflict some sort of puncture wound that measures four millimeters in diameter and approximately two centimeters deep. After the puncture wound has been delivered, a large amount of venom (~8.45 fl oz) is injected into the body from a small, thornlike spine on the tail which is whipped into the subject. Subjects across all explorations indicate that the venom delivers the same symptoms every time. Starting with SCP-XXXX-1 which injects what one subject described as a feeling close to “Molten Iron” in her veins. SCP-XXXX-2 injects a venom with side effects like the blood of said victim is “as cold as ice” described by the same subject as before. SCP-XXXX-3 lowers the pain tolerance of those stung by a considerable amount. SCP-XXXX-4 (Presumed the last iteration of the Thelyphonida-esque creatures) places the subject on a two hour (Presumably variable) “death clock”, at the end of which, the subject will die do to an altered version of hypovolemic shock. It is currently unknown if SCP-XXXX can come from the maze to the rest of the world. Please refer to Incident XXXX-Alpha.