Class : Uncontainable-Safe

Containment : A set of agents is to patrol daily and ask to buy all the stocks of SCP-XXX-1 avaliable. Funding is to be

Description :

SCP-3993 is a brand of common food supplies found in multiple brands of supermarkets in the region of ████████, ████████. All of their products, called SCP-XXX-1 from now on, have the same branding, a minimalist packaging with the name of the product on it. All packages share the same background color and font, which the Site-██ Media and Design Cognitohazard Detection Task Force have identified to be [REDACTED] and declared cognitohazard-free.

SCP-3993-1 comes in many forms, each named SCP-3993-1-[IDENTIFIER]. These forms can include soda cans, carton boxes, plastic bags, glass or plastic bottles (for a complete record of every recorded item by the foundation, check report SCP-3993-█████). To this day, no instance of SCP-3993-1 ever had transparent packaging. No ingredient list has ever been found on any instance of SCP-3993-1

Before opening an instance of SCP-3993-1, every instance has been found to be composed of the same set of chemical elements in the same proportions. However upon opening, the contents of the SCP-3993-1 always match the text written on the packaging, and weigh exactly the same amount. Were someone to remove the label, the content of the instance appears to be [REDACTED], which corresponds with previous chemical analysis.

[UPDATE] After experiments (see experiment log SCP-3993-XP-5), it has been found that replicating a label with [DATA EXPUNGED] can dictate the content of an SCP-3993-1. This is more than enough to classify this to at least Euclid level.

-Dr. ███████████