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Item #: SCP-1518 (look it looks weird if there's not numbers here)

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: todo

Description: SCP-1518 is the collective designation for SCP-1518-1 and SCP-1518-2.

SCP-1518-1 is an anomalous event that may randomly occur when any land-based vehicle1 travels continuously2 for greater than 10 kilometers. SCP-1518-1 events progress as follows:

  • The vehicle affected by SCP-1518-1 suffers a mechanical failure, which forces the vehicle to stop. The cause of the failure is random, but tends to follow the "path of least resistance". That is, failures tend to be caused by pre-existing faults, but will occur spontaneously when no faults are present.
  • A number of instances of SCP-1518-2 will appear somewhere in the view of all passengers of the vehicle. If this is the first time that all passengers have experienced an SCP-1518-1 event, only one instance will appear.

SCP-1518-2 is an anomalous instance of Chaceon quinquedens, commonly known as the Atlantic Red Crab. Any subject who directly or indirectly views an instance of SCP-1518-2 will be compelled to tell others about the instance, as well as the related SCP-1518-1 event, if the subject has knowledge of it. This compulsion can be removed with A-class amnestics. This compulsion is easily overpowered, and subjects with knowledge of SCP-1518-2's effects are generally able to resist them. Subjects do not need to be a passenger in an SCP-1518-1 affected vehicle to be subject to an SCP-1518-2 instance's effect.

If any subject tells another person about either an SCP-1518-2 instance that they have seen, or the related SCP-1518-1 event, and is later within a vehicle capable of being affected by an SCP-1518-1 event, there is a 0.3% chance that an SCP-1518-1 event will occur. This chance increases by 1.3% every time that the subject is in such a vehicle. The number of SCP-1518-2 instances that appear will be exponentially greater than the number of instances that appeared the last time that the subject was in an SCP-1518-1 event.

SCP-1518-2 instances will not disappear after SCP-1518-1 events, and instead will disperse normally. Instances do not retain their anomalous characteristics after death3, and the majority of SCP-1518-2 instances tend to starve or suffocate outside of their natural habitat. However, it is estimated that [blackbox] instances have escaped to the wild. Recontainment of these instances is a priority.