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Item #: SCP-3767

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3767-1 is to be kept in an airtight containment cell exactly 5m x 5m x 5m in dimensions, available only to personnel of D-class or lower. The radio unit must be kept in a locked box consisting of lead and aluminum.
For no reason (besides experimentation sanctioned by personnel of C-class or higher) should anyone enter the containment cell without toughened leather gloves at least 2cm in thickness. If anyone makes contact with the needle at all, they are to be immediately removed from the containment cell and the wound thoroughly cleaned. They are then to be restrained bodily until the effect wears off.

SCP-3767-2 cannot be moved by the Foundation, as it is deeply rooted into the ground and such roots have proven unable to be severed. Instead it is to be heavily guarded by no less than ten (10) armed guards. The land it is contained in has been bought by the Foundation and it is to be constantly monitored for signs of growth.

Description: SCP-3767-1 is a small handheld radio that appears to have been manufactured by the company “General Electric”. Physically it appears entirely unanomalous with the exception of the receptor on the radio’s side, which is sharpened to a point. On the occasion that anyone pricks themselves on any point of their body with this needle, the radio begins to emit the song “All Blues” by Miles Davis. When the victim hears the music, they will feel a compulsion to prick themselves again on the radio within thirty (30) minutes from initial contact. This compulsion grows with each subsequent prick and, given unrestricted access to the radio, the victim will usually pick up the radio within three (3) hours and then begin to stab themselves repeatedly with the radio in order to power it, rather than merely pricking themselves with it. Upon the realization that their body cannot handle any more injury (given that such a point is reached), the victim will attempt to attack others with the radio to power it. These effect have not been exhibited to occur on anyone who solely hears the music without pricking themselves with the radio. Victims of the effects have claimed to experience auditory hallucinations of the music becoming distorted in tempo and pitch, and of hearing profanities and death threats in the lyrics rather than the actual lyrics.

SCP-3767-2 is a radio tower located at ██████████. While its exterior appears to be industrial-grade steel, it has not broken even when subjected to forces that would normally break things several times harder than it. In addition, a large organ reminiscent of a human heart is affixed to the underside of a platform on the midsection of the tower, beating approximately two (2) times per minute. Whenever it beats, a liquid rushing can be heard throughout the tower.

Interviewed: Subject D-070-1

Interviewer: █████████

Foreword: Subject exposed to the effects of SCP-3767-1 prior to interview. Subject currently restrained.

<Begin Log>

█████████: Good evening. Can you tell me how you’re feeling?

D-070-1: (yelling) Where is it? Where is it? I need to hear it!
█████████: Where is what?

D-070-1: (yelling) The radio! Sing me the song, sing me the song, sing me the song, sing me the song…
<End Log>

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