Assimilative Biocell Proteins

Item #: SCP-4878

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Samples of SCP-4878 are to be contained within a sealed glass tube capable of holding 22 milliliters. Three samples of SCP-4878 minimum are to be maintained at -16 degrees Centigrade within a Class 4 Cryogenics Chamber (CC-C4) to induce dormancy. The samples are to be guarded by no less than three (3) armed personnel at all times and are not to be thawed for experimentation without the written permission of personnel with Level 4 security clearance or higher. In the event of an on-site power outage and failure of the CC-C4, SCP-4878 and corresponding samples are NOT to be interacted with by personnel without a hazardous materials suit. Personnel who interact with SCP-4878 wearing the appropriate equipment are instructed to utilize a decontamination shower proceeding the potential recontainment of SCP-4878.

Description: SCP-4878 is an unidentified collection of folded proteins. It has been observed that when a sample of SCP-4878 comes into direct physical contact with a multicellular organism, the proteins react and initiate assimilation, creating a biocell aggressive in nature (see Addendum #1).

The biocell created, from now on referred to as SCP-4878-1, appears to be a gelatinous and translucent green slime without definitive form, much like the samples it is formed from. SCP-4878-1 can vary in size and volume, depending on the size and volume of the organism(s) assimilated. The biocell, although, will always be large enough to accommodate for the brain cells of its victims, which it does not absorb, but instead repurposes for the formation of an encephalon possessing an enlarged medulla oblongata. The larger SCP-4878-1 becomes, the greater its aggression, acting solely on instincts such as anger or hunger.

Once the formation of the medulla oblongata initiates, it has been observed that the subject can split its consciousness when physically torn, as long as the brain cells are present within the pieces (see Addendum #3). These new biocells act and react exactly as their predecessors, serving the same instincts and obeying the same desires.

Experimentation has indicated that SCP-4878 and corresponding biocells cannot withstand extreme temperatures. It has been found that extreme cold, approximately -16 degrees Centigrade, induces an extended dormancy within the samples, rendering the proteins inactive and inert until thawed. Alternatively, extreme heat, approximately 116 degrees Centigrade, induces death, similarly rendering the proteins inactive and inert, although in a permanent manner.

Addendum #1:

Excerpt from Experiment-4878-3: Test subject Joseph [DATA EXPUNGED], male, age 31, subjected to Sample 7 of SCP-4878. Subject told the sample is a “moisturizing lotion” and instructed to place the sample on the palm of its right hand. Subject complies. Subject voices surprise and then pain. Sample 7 initiates assimilation of subject at 14:36. Sample 7 completes assimilation of subject at 14:46. SCP-4878-5 created. SCP-4878-5 initiates formation of encephalon at 14:47. SCP-4878-5 attacks observation room glass. SCP-4878-5 neutralized with Level 3 Man-portable Flamethrower.

Addendum #2:

Excerpt from Experiment-4878-7: Test subject Emilia [DATA EXPUNGED], female, age 39, subjected to Sample 10 of SCP-4878. Subject voices fear and attempts escape. Observers threaten termination. Subject ceases attempts. Subject instructed to place Sample 10 on left leg. Subject complies. Sample 10 attaches itself to left leg of subject. Subject voices pain and again attempts escape. Sample 10 initiates assimilation of subject at 17:41. Two (2) armed personnel equipped with hazardous materials suits remove left leg of subject at hip. Subject removed from testing area and terminated. Sample 10 completes assimilation of limb at 17:45. Sample 10 ceases movement. Sample 10 contained within 1m x 50cm x 50cm sealed glass chamber.

Notes by Observer #1, Dr. [REDACTED]: It appears that the biocell only exhibits sentience, and therefore aggression, once having assimilated the brain cells of a multicellular organism. Without these the medulla oblongata cannot be formed. The samples are simply doing their natural purpose, a simple chemical reaction, the misfolding of a protein. But once brain function becomes a factor, so does instinct, passion, and survival. My proceeding experiments may test whether the biocells produced by SCP-4878 can multiply or reproduce, voluntarily or by force, for this in itself is an instinct, passion, and key to survival.

Addendum #3:

Excerpt from Experiment-4878-9: Test subject Nicholas [DATA EXPUNGED], male, age [REDACTED], subjected to SCP-4878-13. Subject armed with 30cm stainless steel blade. Subject instructed to divide the biocell and the encephalon of the biocell into two (2) halves. Subject complies. The halves of SCP-4878-13 appear to regenerate and create an additional SCP-4878-14. SCP-4878-13 attacks left arm of subject. SCP-4878-14 attacks right foot of subject. Subject voices pain. Biocells initiate assimilation at 11:13. Biocells complete assimilation at 11:18. Biocells appear unable to merge and remain separate. SCP-4878-13 and SCP-4878-14 contained within CC-C4.

Notes by Observer #7, Junior Researcher [REDACTED]: May God have mercy on every being this abomination has killed, eaten, or assimilated. I don’t know what that monster is and what it’s done. I don’t know how many people it’s devoured and how much pain it’s caused. I don’t know what those people felt as their organs stopped and their cellular structure failed. I don’t know and I don’t want to know. All I know is that some creatures don’t belong on this green earth.