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Item #: SCP-3XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3XXX can be stored in any high-security humanoid containment wing. Due to the small size of SCP-3XXX compared to a human, it is important to check that no vents, ducts or gaps in bars are large enough to allow escape. During transportation, a standard issue dog crate and muzzle are sufficient.

A bowl of kibble is to be provided and filled twice a day. In addition, twice a week a serving of any items non-toxic to a canine are to be fed. These meals are authorized to be restricted or increased as incentives for cooperation with Foundation work. A file containing information on dietary restrictions is available on-site.

SCP-3XXX has made a request for what I can only describe as human food to be made available daily. I'm approving this. I feel the need to remind everyone once again that the loss of human dignity in our subjects negatively affects our ability to contain them. Let alone it's effect on morale. -Dr. Harris

Description: SCP-3XXX refers to an canine organism resembling a Siberian Husky in almost all respects. However, the subject's face and head have undergone significant surgical alterations. The organism's teeth and jaw bones have been removed and replaced with that of a human.Furthermore, a circular area at the top of the organism's scalp is misaligned with the rest of its fur and skin. Further tests are indicative that the skin has been removed and reattached. It is suspected that the reason for this is the replacement of all or part of the organism's higher nervous system but this has yet to be confirmed. The human components of the organism are all from the same source, that of 55-60 year old male.

The organism is sapient and capable of communication. This communication comprises almost completely of scripture from the Church of the Broken God. It has become clear that it believes it has committed a sin12 and is currently being punished for it34.

Addendum 1: An inquiry into Security Breach Incident X87 and the subsequent termination of Agent [Data Expunged] has shown clear involvement from the organism. The organism was aware of Agent [Data Expunged]'s ███████████ of both Agent ██████ and Dr. █████ in the follow up to the incident. Furthermore, it claimed knowledge of a personal issue in Agent [Data Expunged] that the inquiry had previously found used as a means of extorting Agent [Data Expunged]. It is currently unknown whether the organism had discovered this information through mundane observation or more anomalous approaches.