The Girl with Nightmare Disorder

Object #: SCP-xxxx

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-xxxx is to be contained in a standard sentient 6m x 4m x 4m containment cell with a desk and [planting media?] on the corner supported with UV lightings. SCP-xxxx is not allowed to leave her containment cell. SCP-xxxx is to be fed with a breakfast meal, lunch snack, and dinner meal daily from staff canteen given by staff to her containment cell. SCP-xxxx's containment cell is to be cleaned daily. No more than two staff is allowed to enter SCP-xxxx's containment cell and must not show ant relatively threatening equipments. Staff is allowed to communicate, and be nice, pls••.

Description: SCP-xxxx is an asian 19 years old female. blabahblabahblabah.

[on progress]