Item #: SCP-(TBA)

Index: Howling Cerberus

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: The entity entitled is to be kept in a multi-layer, spherical container. Its inner layer is made of sound-proof casing, the middle layer is made of thick rubber, and It’s outer layer is pure concrete. The container is suspended by tight metal chains installed on the right and left walls, the roof and floors, and corners of a larger cuboid chamber made of metal casing. Two guards are to be posted infront of the entity's containment room.

The only reason the entity should be taken out is for it’s weekly drool clean-up and observations. Any other reason for taking the entity out is prohibited. The following requirements are necessery when the entity is needed to be taken out of it’s container:

  • All personnel must wear thick metal armor to prevent any further physical trauma or casualties.
  • D-class personnel are to handle the entity, it’s important to have three on hand per each head.
  • Always make sure that personnel handling the entity have a set of high fiber mouth restraints. This should be put on. Under no circumstances shall the entity be observed out of it’s central chamber without the restraints.
  • All personnel are required to wear a special mask specifically meant to cover any sound. Personnel must know that you can not here your fellow personnel. The entity is still able to be heard through mask.
  • Entity must be put into a separate, smaller, transparent container to the right of entity’s larger, central container for observance. A closable opening on the top of the container is provided to put the entity in. Entity must not be allowed to roam freely within the spaces of its containment center.
  • Personnel must never leave it unguarded, if entity is not watched, it is at risk of attempt of leaving it’s space. Only when put back into its central, spherical container, can it be left unguarded by human sight.

Description: The entity resembles a primate specimen and equally has tendencies of said primates. Entity has three heads, each head repeats the same motion as the head next to it. The entity has a central, larger head, widely believed to be the head controlling it’s smaller counterparts. All three heads are observed to be fully functional (meaning that they can see, hear, smell, bite, breathe, etc). But the property the entity is most notorious for is the fact that it will not stop screeching. The screech has been recorded to be about 100 to 105 decibles. Listening to the entity's scream unprotected will immediately cause anyone within a five meter radius from them to drop to the ground paralyzed. The entity is extremely mobile and it has been observed that it has a tic consisting of the twitching of the central head’s right eye and twitch of the central head. The entity drools constantly, up to four or five cups a day. The drool has been observed to smell like watered-down hand sanitizer and swamp water. Further observation notes that the left and right heads do not stop screaming, whereas the central head is able to stop at will (but will only do so when eating). It's currently unknown what the purpose of the entity's screaming is. One theory is that the entity's screaming is used to assert dominance to other creatures in it's habitat. Further research is needed if an answer is wanted.

Discovery: Found deep in the █████ ██████████ of Paraguay, civilians living at the edge of the █████ region reported hearing screeching through out their daily lives. When later interviewed, it was revealed that these noises have been in the █████ region for the past decade. It had become daily life.

Reports of the screeching have yet to be revealed to the public in fear of any extraordinary anomaly. Dr. █████ █ █████████ had come on behalf of the SCP Foundation to find the cause of the screeching. Currently, no evidence of her has been recovered. When Dr. Corin Mockers had ventured to the site three years later, he had brought back a photograph and a report on the monster.

> Excerpt of Dr. Mockers report:

"While I myself can not hear the screeching, given I am in-fact deaf, I have been told that the screeching is deep and bumpy, like driving a car on street bumpers. As I carried on towards the sound, my accomplice had soon dropped to the ground. His ears had started to bleed out and he had developed rigorous twitching. I had checked his heartbeat and while he was alive, he would not be for much longer. A blur, almost the size of a teenager, scurried by me and my accomplice. Ignoring me, it had delved its head into the chest of my accomplice. As it paused, I had a brief second to observe it. It was in the shape of a large monkey. It’s face devouring my accomplice’s chest. When I say face, I’m talking about his central face. That is to say that the entity had in-fact two faces on it’s shoulder blades! Jaws open wide, I figured the creature was screeching. The creature was covered in dark fur, ranging from pitch black, to dark beige. It was then at that moment that I had snapped out of my curiosity and figured that I too, would share the same fate as my accomplice! I ran back the direction we had came and thank heavens that creature decided not to come after me. I turned back and the creature was out of my view. I breathed a sigh of relief as I ran back to our car."

Dr. Mockers’ work on the case of SCP-|||| has been discontinued. About one month later, a team sent by the SCP Foundation was taken to █████, Paraguay to capture the entity. When they had arrived to the village, it was quickly observed to have been completely destroyed. Scientists have concluded that the entity must’ve smelled Dr. Mockers and led his tracks to the village. This research brings us the conclusion that:

Addendum 1: The entity has a strong sense of smell, and can lead tracks from up to 25 km (15.5 miles). The true limits of the entity's tracking capability is currently unknown. No tests are planned to observe/test the limits of it’s sense of smell.

Addendum 2: The entity has an endurance of up to about 25 km (15.5 miles). This is an estimate, but the exact rate of endurance of the entity is unknown. Since SCP-|||| seems to be mostly organic, and has characteristics of a primate, it’s theorized that the entity has similar stamina and speed to a monkey (50 km/31.1 m).

Addendum 3: The entity is extremely destructive and dangerous. All civilians in the town of █████ were killed by the entity. The village was also in ruins when personnel had arrived. If entity was not captured, and let free, we conclude that it would've moved to the next town over.