Russian Insects

Item #: SCP-XXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be contained in a standard 5 ft x 5 ft x 5 ft tungsten lock box with walls no thinner than 2 inches with no means of viewing, on Site-104. Kevlar gloves and hazmat suiting is to be worn when within 15 feet of SCP-XXX's containment site. Researchers who attempt to open, expose, break into, or destroy the containment box without verbal or written permission by a clearance level 4 personnel, will be met with the suspension of permission to be present on Site-104 at any given time. SCP-XXX's containment site requires air filters active at all times, to prevent noxious gasses escaping to the surrounding area. SCP-XXX must be fed on a bi-weekly basis, with food consisting of crawfish, small fish such as sardines, small rodents such as mice or rats, or any similar-sized portion of meat. The tungsten box SCP-XXX is contained in must be reviewed for integrity at the time of feeding. D-class personnel subject to testing must be searched and cleaned of any attached larvae, maggots, or other insects after all experiments have been conducted. In the event of a D-class personnel, researcher, or other personnel death, the body must be cleaned and searched in the same way as if living. All experiments must be approved by no less than two clearance level 4 personnel. Any part of SCP-XXX discovered out of containment must be met with lethal force, before conducting an investigation. In the event of an escape attempt, if SCP-XXX is able to breach containment in any form, a flamethrower is stored in Storage Closet-██ for use to re-contain SCP-XXX, only to be used in emergency situations. Any misuse will result in suspension of permission to be present on Site-104 at any given time.

Description: SCP-XXX is a sebaceous cluster of insects, with an unknown semi-translucent liquid keeping SCP-XXX intact. SCP-XXX consists of multiple insect species, such as maggots, cicadas, flies, unspecified eggs, and larvae, as well as worms. SCP-XXX excretes hydrogen chloride gas at a constant, warranting a heavy suiting requirement when in range of the containment area. SCP-XXX is extremely aggressive, and is known to attempt to escape at any opportunity, due to multiple attempts to attack researchers and personnel to free itself. SCP-XXX displays no actual grasp of language syntax or grammar whatsoever, however, is extremely intelligent, it has created complex escape plans, involving pipes and vents that SCP-XXX should not have knowledge of. It does know random words from Russian and English. SCP-XXX is capable of speech through telepathy, regardless of lacking organs, bones, muscles, as well as a clear lack of any recognizable systems that keep if alive. SCP-XXX takes on the appearance of a blob, able to shift and manipulate itself at any given time, into any given shape. During escape attempts, SCP-XXX will typically use this to its advantage. SCP-XXX is combustible and will combust with immense magnitude if not fed. This strength has torn tungsten plates with a thickness of 1 inch with moderate difficulty, causing the new lockbox to be 2 inches thick. Self-combustion of SCP-XXX has been shown to be exceptionally painful to SCP-XXX, as it will emit a piercing shriek, capable of severely damaging the primary auditory cortex of researchers or personnel within 25 feet of SCP-XXX as combustion occurs. It is unknown how damage takes place, as the shrieks reside internally within persons affected— the screams are transmitted through telepathy as well.

Addendum XXX-01: SCP-XXX was initially discovered in ██████, Russia, on July ██, ████. SCP-XXX was brought to the attention of the Foundation when multiple townsfolk had gone missing in a nearby mine shaft, upon one person returning and telling of the "horrifying" creature to other locals.