Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP - XXXX has the potential to induce a CK-class restructuring scenario and poses additional cognitohazardous effects via audio emissions, necessitating a high level security presence of exclusively female personnel. This extends to all staff at stationed at the site of SCP - XXXX. Security is to be stationed at 3km parameter at all times with regularly maintained checkpoints. Due to the nature of SCP - XXXX, the Foundation have designated the construction of Site 95 around the subject for research and containment purposes. SCP - XXXX is contained within a soundproof, diamond-glass ballistic dome reaching a circumference of 250 meters around the subject with equipment to provide oxygen, ultraviolet light and temperature alteration. Level 4 clearance or above is required to gain access to SCP - XXXX with minimum security presence of five armed guards equipped with incendiary rounds required at all times.

Any instance of SCP - XXXX - 1 is to remain inside the dome at all times. SCP - XXXX nor SCP XXXX - 1 require sustenance of any kind. Following a containment breach, temperatures within SCP - XXXX's containment cell are to increased to 70°F, the only current non-lethal method of disrupting SCP -XXXX's cognitohazard.

SCP - XXXX is located within an enclosed, densely forested area of the administrative region of [REDACTED], Siberia. SCP - XXXX came to the attention of the Foundation when a “tall, nude albino man” was reported dragging a young man towards the woods by a local hunter in 20██. Agent Veronika, Agent ██████ and Agent ████ embedded in the Central Siberian Plateau Region responded to the report. Containment personnel were called in by Agent Veronika after the casualties of Agent ██████ and the local hunter. Site 95 is to masquerade as a Russian military training outpost for female soldiers with a shoot-on-sight policy.

SCP - XXXX resembles a bleached-white tree standing at approximately 113.5 feet and made up of an organic material. Testing has revealed the material to be similar to human tissue but with an anomalous cellular structure that matches no known records. The trunk of the 'tree' has the appearance of a female humanoid bearing breasts, hips, thighs and arms that are stretched above it and extended to become the branches of SCP - XXXX. The subject lacks a head or feet, with the latter morphing into large roots of a deep crimson colour that sink into the soil and emit a low humming sound every three seconds. The sound is unable to be recorded on any device in the Foundation’s possession.

While SCP - XXXX has a ‘neck’, it cuts off abruptly and smoothly, indicative of decapitation. Thin, red veins begin to emerge at the start of SCP - XXXX's extremities and eventually fade as they reach the branches or roots if from the thighs. Genitalia appears absent. The branches or 'arms' of SCP - XXXX seem to pulse with a dim light travelling through the appendages approximately every three seconds. From these arms or branches hang red, translucent organic sacks resembling the ovaries of an adult human woman. The dimensions of the sacks begin at D80cm x H110cm but swell to double in size once the maturation of their contents is reached. Prior to containment, these sacks housed instances of SCP 6913 - 1 which did not occur from the introduction of D Class personnel. SCP - XXXX is not physically hostile during Phase 1.

SCP 6913 - 1 begin as a fetus-like form with the same height and width of an newly born male infant of around five pounds. Instances of SCP 6913 - 1 develop and emerge from the sacks in the shape of a fully matured adult male of 182.88cms. All instances of SCP 6913 - 1 appear to have fully developed muscle groups reflective of peak physical condition. All instances of SCP - XXXX -1 lack any visible genitalia, body hair and are absent skin pigmentation with a hue identical to that of SCP - XXXX.

Upon emergence, SCP - XXXX - 1 will stand and face SCP - XXXX in complete silence. Researchers theorise that some level of telepathy may commence at this stage. After approximately seven minutes, SCP - XXXX - 1 will depart and attempt to seek out the nearest adult human male. If successful, SCP - XXXX -1 will incapacitate the male via the breaking of bones or asphyxiation. Once SCP - XXXX -1 has returned to SCP - XXXX, it will proceed to place the male close to the organic roots beneath SCP - XXXX, upon which said roots will rise from the soil and act like tensile tendrils to grasp and pull the individual into their writhing mass.

Personnel introduced to the tentacles beneath SCP - XXXX present a sudden willingness to be claimed, with a peaceful smile and an expression of longing recorded on each victim. Upon ‘consumption’ of the adult male, SCP - XXXX will enter Phase 2 and its innate humming and pulsating lights will increase to a frequency of two rapid beats a second. After approximately seventeen seconds, SCP - XXXX begins to animate, mirroring the writhing of a constricted human woman in distress while emitting a disembodied, cognitohazardous cry resembling that of pleasure and pain. Any instances of SCP - XXXX -1 in the area then begin to vocalise through their elongated mouths, emitting a low-pitched, anomalous frequency that is impossible to capture on any of the SCP Foundation’s recording equipment.

During Phase 2, the anomalous moans emitted from SCP - XXXX will increase in volume, loud enough to travel distances of 5km, but has since been blocked by the soundproof containment dome around it. Effects of SCP - XXXX’s cries pose a significant cognitohazard that so far only been recorded in adult human males. Human males exposed to SCP - XXXX’s audio emissions experience extreme sexual aggression and a compulsion to [REDACTED] any fertile human female in the their vicinity. Multiple tests of D Class Personnel have shown that despite female D Class personnel being previously hidden and unknown to an affected male D Class, the male will invariably gain the knowledge of their location and attempt to [REDACTED] the female. Male D Class who have been rendered infertile by any means are unaffected by SCP XXXX's cognitohazard.

All cases of this sexual aggression on fertile female D Class have so far resulted in pregnancy. This experiment was authorised by the Site Administrator on the precedent of Procedure 110-Montauk but has not been issued with a name. Affected males will cease upon completion of their act and instead seek out the next fertile female to impregnate in a violent manner. Males affected by SCP-XXXX's cognitohazard who are sedated still present an elevated heartbeat, high levels of serotonin and high levels of adrenaline. Termination of affected personnel is so far the only effective method of stopping them. The children born by this act bear no abnormalities or anomalous composition and reflect the typical chromosomal sequence found from natural conception. However, upon reaching seven years of age, said children begin to develop an anomalous and possibly telepathic link with SCP - XXXX, with most subjects drawing SCP - XXXX or relaying conversations between them despite no contact having been established between the child and SCP - XXXX. These children have been given the SCP - XXXX -2 designation and currently number at ██. No other instances of SCP - XXXX - 2 have been have found beyond Site 95. See Addendum B for an interview with an instance of SCP - XXXX -2.

Approximately seven hours after SCP - XXXX's ‘consumption’ of an adult male, Phase 3 will commence. Phase 3 involves three to seven ovarian-like sacks growing on the branches of SCP - XXXX, each containing the nascent stage of SCP - XXXX-1. Exactly seven hours later, SCP - XXXX-1 will reach its final stage of development and emerge from its egg. Attempts to monitor the anomalous process within the interior of SCP-XXXX using visual and audio recording devices on a D Class personnel yields no reliable results. Monitoring equipment displays only darkness and a faint, vaguely wet and fleshy sound from within.

Instances of SCP - XXXX- 1 present strength, speed and durability that far exceed any human and will attempt to force their way through any obstacle to accomplish their goal of acquiring human males. There appears to be no preference or pattern in the nature of the males taken by SCP - XXXX - 1. Testing has so far revealed that SCP - XXXX-1’s limits are reinforced steel or a material of similar resilience. SCP - XXXX’-1s durability has been tested with a variety of applications from standard weapons to drowning and terminal pressures. Standard weaponry can cause visible harm but any wounds inflicted regenerate in only seconds. SCP - XXXX-1 is able to survive indefinitely under water until a pressure of 200 psi is applied. SCP-XXXX-1 appears able to operate at full capacity even when decapitated but only for a maximum of around three minutes, upon which it will collapse and cease all functions. Autopsies on SCP - XXXX-1 reveal a complete lack of human organs, and in their place is simply a hollow area. Damage inflicted with fire will negate SCP - XXXX-1’s regenerative effect and is so far the most efficient way of terminating instances of SCP - XXXX-1.

Case Files:

Addendum A: Interview following first-contact incident.
Dr. ████ presiding.

Dr. ████ : ["I know how traumatic this must have been for you, Veronika, but I need you to be strong and tell me everything that happened during first contact. Start from the beginning, please."]

[Dr.████ is seen to reach across the table and place her hand over Agent Veronika’s. The Agent recoils, visibly shaken and displaying signs of post-traumatic stress disorder.]

Agent Veronika: ["We intercepted a radio transmission by a Siberian Mountain Rescue team at [REDACTED]. They were talking about a hunter in the area reporting a possible assault and kidnap, but the perp’ was apparently completely naked and looked albino. He was reportedly dragging a man through the snow and into an enclosed forested area."]

Dr. ████ : ["What happened then?"]

Dr. ████: ["Please continue, Agent Veronika."]

[Agent Veronika becomes visibly more agitated and avoids eye contact. However, she requires no further prompting to continue with her report.]

Agent Veronika: ["Eventually, we came to a grove or clearing housing SCP - XXXX and three instances of SCP - XXXX - 1. We kept out of sight to observe and report, but we didn’t really get much time to do so. After about three minutes, that -thing- began writhe around, like she or it was in pain. All three instances of SCP - XXXX - 1 just stood there, making that horrible noise."]

[Agent Veronika becomes increasingly distressed and non-compliant, not wanting to elaborate on the details of the incident. Dr. ████ tries to reassure Agent Veronika and eventually manages to calm her down.]

Agent Veronika: ["SCP - XXXX -1 all went quiet and SCP - XXXX started making a noise instead. Sounded like a woman moaning, a weird mix of pleasure and pain. Agent ██████, Agent ████ and the hunter then became hostile and attempted to [REDACTED]".

[Agent Veronika is visibly shaking as she reaches to drink a cup of water. She is offered a few minutes to compose herself and collect her thoughts. Dr. ████ once again comforts Agent Veronika.]

Dr. ████: "[I know it’s difficult, Agent Veronika, but unless we know what happened, we cannot take measures to properly prevent this from happening in the future."]

Agent Veronika: ["The other agents and the hunter then proceeded to try and [DATA EXPUNGED], and even harmed each other in the process. Nothing I said deterred the other agents, and I was forced to terminate the hunter and Agent ██████."]

Dr. ████: ["And what about Agent ████? What happened then?"]

[Agent Veronika begins to weep and close her arms around herself.]

Dr. ████: ["Be strong, Agent Veronika. I know how you must-"]

Agent Veronika: ["You have no fucking idea how I feel! Why are you making me go into detail?! You have read the reports! You know what he did! He was too strong, I was disarmed. I couldn't reach my knife! Did you know what would happen?! Did you fucking know?!"]

[Security Personnel approach Agent Veronika but are told to keep their distance upon order of Dr. ████. Dr. ████ then moves across the table and takes Agent Veronika into her arms to provide comfort. Interview is terminated at 13:54.]

<End Log.>

Closing Statement: [Agent Veronika has been administered a Grade A amnestic after her request for an abortion. Request denied. Subject will be kept comatose and monitored throughout her pregnancy for any anomalous activity. Current scans and analysis display a non-anomalous fetus with a DNA structure consistent with that of a normal and healthy human life-form. The father, Agent ████ has yet to be recovered but operatives have been dispatched to [REDACTED] after reports of violent attacks on women in the area. The nature of the disembodied, vocal emission by SCP - XXXX is unknown as it cannot be recorded on any of our equipment. A request for further experimentation with D Class Personnel has been filed and approved as of [REDACTED.]

Addendum B: Interview with SCP - XXXX -2, 'Anastasia.'
Dr. ████ presiding.

Dr. ████ : ["Hello, Anna. How are you feeling?"]

Anastasia: ["I'm okay. Can I see 'Mr. Jelly' again? He makes me happy."]

Dr. ████ : ["Maybe. But first you need to promise me something, okay? It's extra, super important."]

Anastasia: ["I promise, Auntie ████. I promise!"]

Dr. ████ : ["Good girl. I need you to promise me that you will answer all my questions and not lie, okay?"]

[Anastasia nods enthusiastically].

Dr. ████ : ["Have you spoken to your Mommy again recently? What did she say?"]

Anastasia: ["Mommy says that it's almost time. We will go to the Garden soon!"]

Dr. ████ : ["Did Mommy say where this Garden was?"]

Anastasia: ["Mmm. She said that we have go through the Gate first. It will be a long trip but Brother will carry us if we get tired!"

Dr. ████ : ["Are you not scared of your Brothers? They look a bit creepy, don't they?"]

Anastasia: ["My Brothers makes me feel safe! Their bald heads are a bit funny but they are always nice to me. I don't think they liked it when the women with guns were there."]

Dr. ████ : ["Would you tell your Brothers that we're sorry? Our security only wanted to make sure you were safe."]

Anastasia: ["Okay, I will. Oh, Mommy said something else, too! I remember it really well!"]

Dr. ████ : ["Oh, yeah? What did she say?"]

Anastasia: ["She said that only her Children will pass the Gate. They won't let anyone else in, not even her or my Brothers. That made me a little bit sad. I hope they change their mind."]

Dr. ████ :[ "Who are "they?", Anna?"]

Anastasia: ["Mommy didn't say, but she told me everything would be fine. She said the stars will be reborn and shine brighter than ever, just like they did at the beginning."]

Dr. ████ :[ "Thank you, Anna. You can go and play now.]

<End Log, interview terminated.]>

Closing Statement: [Anastasia expressed desire to hug SCP - XXXX. Request denied. I am unsure of whom Anna is referring to when she mentions "they", but her references to a "Gate" and stars being "reborn" warrant severe concerns, possibly relating to a CK-class restructuring scenario. 05 personnel were notified immediately after the interview. Awaiting further instruction.]

Addendum C: Interview with SCP - XXXX -2, 'Ivan.'
Dr. ████ presiding.

Dr. ████ : ["Hi, Ivan. Been drawing again? Can I see?"]

Ivan: ["Wait! I just gotta finish colouring in my Little Brothers."]

[Ivan finishes his drawing and holds it up for Dr. ████. Despite being only █, Ivan manages a fairly realistic depiction of SCP - XXXX.]

Dr. ████ : ["You're very good at drawing, Ivan. But you've not seen Mommy yet, have you?"]

Ivan: ["Mommy wants me to come visit her, but I said you wouldn't let me. That makes her sad."]

Dr. ████ : ["Keep up the good behaviour and I might let you visit her. Has she spoken to you recently?"]

[Ivan smiles brightly. His legs begin to kick under the table, reflecting excitement].

Ivan: ["Mommy said I get to go with the other kids to the Garden soon. What's the Garden like, Auntie ████? Will there be a lake where I can go swimming?"]

Dr. ████ : ["Maybe. Did Mommy say what would happen to the rest of us who don't get to go?"]

Ivan: ["Uhh, she said that you would all be left behind to answer for your tran-…transgreshuns."]

Dr. ████ : ["Did she say how we would "answer" for our "transgressions", Ivan?"]

Anastasia: ["Nope. But Mommy is excited for us to go. She said we had to be good boys and girls or we would have to stay."]

Dr. ████ : ["Ivan, I am going to ask you a very strange question now. But I want you to think very hard and try to remember if your Mommy ever mentioned anything about her missing head."]

[Ivan begins to laugh.]

Ivan: ["Mommy has a head! Mommy is very pretty, she has long red hair and a little nose like yours! Sometimes her eyes scare me, though."]

Dr. ████ : ["What do they look like and why do they scare you?"]

Ivan: ["Mommy has red eyes but they are not always scary. Only when I've done something naughty."]

Dr. ████ :[ "Stay on your best behaviour then, Ivan. One last question and then it's dinner time."]

Ivan ["Can we have fish sticks again, Auntie ████? Please, please, please!?"]

Dr. ████ :[ "Alright, but as long as you eat your greens, too. Okay, so has Mommy said anything else to you about a Gate or the stars?"]

Ivan ["Mommy said we had to go through a Gate hand-in-hand. She said rapture awaits for the innocent. And uhh, stars? I don't think she said anything about stars. I like stars, though. I hope we get to see some on the way to the Garden."]

Dr. ████ :[Maybe. Okay, go and join the others. Dinner will be ready soon. And wash your hands, young man!"]

<End Log, interview terminated.]>

Closing Statement: [Ivan has confirmed Anna's statement during her interview. SCP - XXXX has plans for the children and seemingly the rest of us. It remains unclear if SCP - XXXX will be the one to make us "answer" for our "transgressions", but a feeling of dread has come over me. A transcript of this interview was directed to 05 personnel and I await further instruction.]