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Item #: SCP-4000

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The submersible facilities and vehicles used in the research and containment of SCP-4000 have been designated as Site-85. Foundation Naval Task Force Alpha-19 "Neptune's Hand" is to provide on-site security and ensure no civilian or military submersibles reach sonar range of Site-85. Foundation High-Crush-Depth submersible research drones are to be used to study SCP-4000, with use of manned submersibles requiring special permission of the Site Director. Following Incident 4000-1, all manned observation of SCP-4000 is forbidden within a 300 meter radius of SCP-4000.

Description: SCP-4000 is a 9500 meter deep trench in the Pacific Ocean containing upwards of 100 billion granite statues. The statues are in large part to-scale representations of Homo Sapiens (and Homo Neanderthalensis) of every age, from newborn to elderly. The statues have a remarkable level of detail, and are described by researchers as "unsettlingly realistic". The statues' facial expressions vary to a significant degree, with expressions of pain or contentment, among others. Many of the statues appear to bear significant injuries, typically life threatening if inflicted on a human. The statues typically appear clothed, though it is not uncommon for them to appear nude, and are arranged with roughly five centimeters of space between with an apparent disregard for cultural or racial groups, the only exception to the seeming randomness of their placement is the observable chronological order in which they are arranged. Statues in the center of the formation have clothing and facial features that suggest a prehistoric origin, with most of the examples of Homos Neanderthalensis being seen here. As the formation goes outward, the clothing and features suggest more recent origin, with the statues in the edge of the formation having modern clothing (most commonly a hospital gown). The number of statues in SCP-4000 is growing, through a constant process designated SCP-4000-A. SCP-4000-A has been observed to take anywhere from under a second to several days. It typically begins with a collection of dust swirling in the water, growing steadily denser until it congeals into a statue. Roughly 150,000 new statues are formed daily through SCP-4000-A. When a statue is destroyed, it will typically reform through SCP-4000-A at the same location it was destroyed. No known method for the permanent destruction of an SCP-4000 statue currently exists.

No aquatic life has been observed around SCP-4000 within at least a 300 meter radius. Water samples taken within that space show a complete lack of any microbial life, living or dead. Following Incident 4000-1, research into this phenomenon was accelerated, with the results showing that any life within 300 meters of SCP-4000 will instantly die and decompose, leaving no cadaver of any kind. No toxins, radiation, or other hazards have been observed in the region, and as such the reason for this phenomenon occurring around SCP-4000 is currently unknown.

Incident 4000-1: Occurring on September 5, 2013, the date of the first manned research expedition into SCP-4000, it began with the deployment of manned submersible "Percival-1" with a crew consisting of a single pilot and a researcher. Approximately three minutes into the trip, the submersible craft ceased all movement, and did not respond to any communications. Unmanned drones were deployed to recover the craft, and discovered it to be empty, except for the pilot and researchers clothes, and a large amount of dust. At the same time, drones observing the formation of new statues recorded two statues that bore resemblance to both the researcher and the pilot. Following this Incident, manned exploration of SCP-4000 was suspended indefinitely.

Note From Site Director: Many researchers assigned to SCP-4000 are excited (particularly the anthropologists) by the prospects of researching what are theoretically perfect recreations of so many ancient peoples. However, it is important to keep in mind the dangers of SCP-4000, not just as a hazard to our research, but the entirety of humanity. This is a constantly expanding mass that kills everything within a 300 meter radius. Within a decade, it will exceed the boundaries of its trench. within centuries, or millennia, it might reach land. It could feasibly overtake the entire Earth given enough time, wiping out all life, and causing an end-of-the-world scenario. This is why our research is so important, and why finding a way to truly contain SCP-4000 is Site 85's first and only priority.