awsomesawsome's Misdirection
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Not Dangerous

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained for study in a small facility at Site-19. Researchers assigned to SCP-XXXX cannot be from the United States, Liberia, or Myanmar, and cannot have any knowledge of the Imperial system of measurements. All researchers are to be given the latest issue of the Merriam Webster thesaurus, for use in their weekly reports.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a prismatic piece of matter roughly 5'1
tall and 2 1/2'2 wide. It is perhaps 200 lbs3 and is possibly composed of a previously unobserved element.Two anomalous properties are exerted by SCP-XXXX:

1) The appearance and physical composition of SCP-XXXX cannot be directly described to someone who has not witnessed it in person beforehand due to its memetic effect. Only indirect, seemingly evasive words and phrases can be used to describe SCP-XXXX. If the person receiving the description is already familiar with an adjective used to describe SCP-XXXX, they will fail to understand the description, and will be unable to remember the description after a period of 12 seconds. If the person is unfamiliar with the adjective, they will be able understand and will retain their memory, even after learning the meaning of the unknown adjective. This effect also applies to mathematical measurements of SCP-XXXX. Any attempt to describe its dimensions to someone in units that they are familiar with will result in the person failing to understand or retain the description, and the opposite will result in a successful retention. The Imperial system, not being used or understood in all but three countries, can be used to describe SCP-XXXX to people from countries other than the United States, Liberia, and Myanmar. Upon this discovery, all American researchers were reassigned to other projects, as the nature of their career meant that they have an understanding of both the Imperial and Metric systems.

2): Any picture of SCP-XXXXX cannot be observed by anyone who has not seen it first hand. Test subjects report seeing only blank white where the photograph is. If the individual is given a second hand description of SCP-XXXX through the appropriate means, they do not become able to see the photograph, but instead report seeing a crude, abstract image that resembles SCP-XXXX, with more details being added as the individual deciphers more descriptions. Upon direct observation of SCP-XXXX, the individual will be able to see the photograph as normal.

It was originally thought that SCP-XXXX might have some relation to SCP-055
do to a seemingly similar effect. This hypothesis was dismissed after it became clear that people retain their memory of SCP-XXXX, unlike SCP-055. The ability to describe SCP-XXXXwas discovered upon an interatcion between Dr. M█████, an American and test subject D-54679 a German. As Dr. M█████ grew more frustrated while attempting to describe SCP-XXXX to D-54679 as part of the experiment, Dr. M█████ breached Foundation protocol and described it using his native Imperial system, saying, "Look, it's about five feet tall!"