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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Field teams are to be sent to conflict-heavy areas, particularly locations where a major battle has just taken place. All suspected sightings of SCP-XXXX must be immediately reported. Field teams are to send their assigned D-class personnel to attempt to converse with SCP-XXXX, and gather any information they can. Tampering with any of SCP-XXXX's graves, or suspected graves, is forbidden.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a humanoid entity (or, possibly, entities) that appears on battlefields in war zones all over the world. It does not appear during the battle itself, but rather after all the personnel from any participating factions. SCP-XXXX will then begin to bury any corpses that were left unburied. SCP-XXXX uses a simple, non-anomalous shovel to bury the corpses. Once it has placed the bodies in the graves and covered them SCP-XXXX will then rub its foot on the ground at the head of the grave for two-to-four seconds. Once complete, a small stone plaque will appear with the deceased's full name, date of birth, and date of death inscribed on it. Attempts to tamper with these graves, even decades after their initial burial, will cause SCP-XXXX to manifest nearby, and it will attack the tamperer.

Anyone that encounters and interacts with SCP-XXXX will experience a memetic effect wherein they are compelled to help SCP-XXXX bury the dead, subsiding only when all corpses have been buried. Subjects exposed to the memetic effect are fully conscious throughout its effect, and are able to remember it fully after it happened.

SCP-XXXX typically appears as an average-looking male dressed in a the armor or uniform appropriate to the period, typically with signs of wearing and heavy use. It's face is always covered by some sort of mask, and any exposed skin is covered with dirt or ash, providing few details on its physical appearance. There are legends dating as far back as Ancient Egypt that might refer to SCP-XXXX, however, the earliest confirmed recorded instance is from the diary recovered from the body of a Union soldier during the American civil war, Corporal Roger Silver, following him being separated from his unit following a minor skirmish.

June 2, 1863

I think I saw an angel today. I got cracked over the head and knocked out cold by a reb rifle butt during the scrap today. Our side must've won, and chased after the rebs, cause when I came too I was alone. My head was pounding, and when I stood up, I saw a dirty looking fellow dragging one of the corpses around me. He wore a bandanna, and his skin was covered in so much grime I . really
see what he looked like. He didn't wear any uniform, except for a dusty looking hat that could've been worn by militia from either side. At first I thought he was a looter, but then I saw the shovel in his hand, and the half-dug grave. I asked him who he was, and all he said was "I bury the dead". Despite my pounding headache, I felt a profound urge to help him bury the dead. And I did, for what was probably hours. We didn't say a word to each other the whole time, and the sun was going down by the time we'd filled in the last grave. I was just starting to wonder if we were going to mark the graves when he went over and started kicking at the dust by the graves. Before I could ask what he was doing, there was a stone plaque write where he'd been kicking. The name on the grave said "Thomas Mueller". I looked at it dumbfounded, while he kicked the dirt around the other graves. I turned to talk to him, but he had vanished, along with the shovels! It gave me quite the spook. I'd think that the reb had hit me harder then I'd thought and I'd dreamt up the whole thing, but the graves are still there, along with the plaques! I'm gonna have quite a story to tell when I find the other guys.

Upon being discovered in a historical archive by Foundation personnel, further research was conducted, and the likely location of the events described in the diary was placed at [Redacted], West Virginia. A sweep of the area revealed several graves in a nearby grove, one of them labelled "Thomas Mueller". This evidence prompted the designation of the entity as PoI-35671. This designation changed until an event during the Gulf War, labelled Incident XXXX-1.

Incident-XXXX-1 Log: Lt. Daniel Bradley, an undercover Foundation Agent planted to observe the war for any anomalous activities, encountered what is now known as SCP-XXXX. Agent Bradley's briefing had contained a small note to look out for a possible PoI-35671 sighting, so when she encountered a lone, disheveled-looking figure burying several corpses she activated he bodycam and went to investigate.

Incident-XXXX-1 Video Log
Agent Bradley approaches SCP-XXXX, who is currently filling a grave.

Agent Bradley: Excuse me? Sir! What are you doing?

SCP-XXXX: I bury the dead.

It's voice is very deep, but still natural sounding.

Agent Bradley: Can you tell me who you are?

SCP-XXXX: I bury the dead.

Agent Bradley: I can see that. Can you show me some ID?

She takes a step closer, unintentionally stepping on the unfinished grave

SCP-XXXX: Do not desecrate the grave.

While its voice is raised, it is not yelling

Agent Bradley: Uh…right. She can be heard stepping off the grave.

SCP-XXXX: Leave this place.

Agent Bradley: I'm afraid I can't do that. Why don't you te-

SCP-XXXX can be seen swinging its shovel at Agent Bradley, who is struck and falls unconscious. > The next two hours of footage consist of SCP-XXXX finishing its burial. SCP-XXXX then leaves the
view of the camera, which runs out of film thirty minutes later. Following this event, PoI-35671's
designation was changed to SCP-XXXX, and research into containment methods began.