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Item #:Scp-XXXX
Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment cell, and is to contain several natural elements such as foliage, shrubs, and dirt, in order to simulate the environment the entity was found in.
The purpose of simulating the environment, is to calm SCP-XXXX as the more comfortable it is the more it cooperates with on-site staff.
The outside of the cell of SCP-XXXX is to remain under guard 24/7 by a squad of three personnel armed with shotguns and trained in CQB. SCP-XXXX is currently being held at Site-17.

Any experiments involving SCP-XXXX are to be done only with approval by Level-3 personnel. Transportation of SCP-XXXX is to be done under an armed escort of two security personnel.

Description: SCP-XXXX appears to be a humanoid member of the canis family, 2 meters in height [Stage 1]. SCP-XXXX has a black chitenous exoskeleton covering its body and a distinct lack of hair. The entitry has large 0.5 meter long claws [Stage 1], and the ability to molt into a second stage after consuming sufficient biomass.

SCP-XXXX has a face that resembles a black wolf skull with bioluminescent blue eyes, and leathery wings resembling that of a bat three meters in length, that are typically folded against its back when not in use. It has displayed significant intelligence, including the ability to speak. Scp-XXXX can use tools and attempted several times to speak to security and staff [See Interview A2].

SCP-XXXX Stage 2: The 2nd Stage of SCP-XXXX happens when either it has consumed sufficient biomass to support such a form, or when threatened with almost immediate death or uncontrollable rage. SCP-XXXX will grow in height from 2 meters to 4 or 6 meters. Its claws will grow to almost a meter long, its wing will grow to over 6 or 12 meters and it will be overwhelmed with hunger attempting to consume anything biological until it can no longer support the sudden growth in size in which it will revert back to Stage 1.

SCP-XXXX was captured on 12/█/2012 in Schwarzwald, Germany by MTF Epsilon-6 “Village Idiots”.
Epsilon-6 were sent to Schwarzwald to investigate reports of possible Chaos Insurgency activity in the Black Forest, Epsilon-6 discovered an abandoned black site in the forest established by Chaos Insurgents to monitor the movement of [REDACTED]. [See Recovery Log]

Interview A1:
Interviewed: SCP-3713
Interviewer: Dr. █████
Foreword: Dr. █████ has an escort of two security officers directly across from SCP-XXXX.
<Begin, Log, 04/██/20█ >
Dr. █████: “Scp-XXXX I’d like to ask you a few questions.”
Scp-XXXX: [Clicking noise]
Dr. █████: “Why did you kill the Chaos Insurgents hunting you?”
Scp-XXXX: [Guttural growl] “They were a challenge.”
Dr. █████: “So… you killed them because you felt you had to prove something?”
Scp-XXXX: “No. I killed them because I wanted to. Not because I felt like I had to.”
Dr. █████: “Do you kill at random or do you have a preference?”
Scp-XXXX: [Growling] “I kill for █████."
Dr. █████: "Who is █████?"
Scp-XXXX: [Clicking noise]
< End Log >

Note: Attempts to gain more information about
█████ have been inconclusive. When pressed SCP-XXXX refuses to reveal any further information. Dr. █████

Interview A2:
Interviewed: SCP-XXXX
Interviewer: Dr. █████
Foreword: The interview was taken place inside to cell of SCP-XXXX. Two security officers stand at the cell entrance.
Dr. █████: "SCP-XXXX you seem to be very vocal and docile with Foundation Staff. Would you care to tell me why that is?"
 **SCP-XXXX "You are pawns, just as I am. You humans fear the unknown… it amuses me." [Clicking noise].
 **

Test Log A – 1 Date:

Subjects: D-17351, D-14356, D-16745, D-18974, D-74290, D-55564, D-90013 [For sake of simplicity, Subjects have been labeled, D1-D6].

Procedure: [D1-D6 enter the cell of Scp-XXXX]
Dr. ████: “Please proceed further into the enclosure.” [Subjects appear apprehensive and report physical unease].

D3: “Something isn’t right in hear Doc.”
[Subjects D1-D6 reluctantly move further into the enclosure]. D4: “Did you see that? Something moved over there. Near those shrubs.” [D4 points ahead of them.]

D6: "It's just the wind." D2: "Inside? Are you really that stupid?" [D6 and D2 argue loudly for several minutes, In this time D1 wanders from the group].
Dr. ████: "All personnel must remain calm. You need to focus on your objective." D3: "What exactly are we trying to do here Doc?"

[Scp-XXXX allows itself to be seen by Subjects D6 and D2, holding the corpse of D1].
D6: Holy shit! What is that thing?" [Scp-XXXX retreats further into the containment cell]. D4: "I told you I saw something!" [D6 and D2 rapidly move to the cell entrance shouting to be let out].

[D5 attempts in vain to use near by branches to forcefully open the cell entrance]. [D4 is grabbed by Scp-XXXX and dragged into the foliage unnoticed by D2, D3, D5, and D6]. D3: "Stop hitting the damn door it's not gonna work!"
D6: "How are we supposed to calm down when we're trapped in here with that thing?"[SCP-XXXX charges at the group directly, impaling D5 with it's claws before dragging D2 further into the cell].

D3: "Damn it, were sitting ducks out here. Fuck!" [D2 can be heard calling for help]. D3: He's still alive? Should we… should we help him?" D6: Fuck him. I'm not going anywhere near those bushes." [D2 can be seen in the foliage calling for help].

[D3 rapidly moves to D2's location.] [D6 remains at the entrance where Scp-XXXX strikes him from behind, before proceeding to assault the oblivious D3 and D2]. SCP-XXXX: Next time send Prey who is competent, and preferably armed."

Results Subject D1, Deceased. Subject D2, Deceased. Subject D3, Deceased. Subject D4, Deceased. Subject D5, Deceased. Subject D6, Deceased.
Hunting patterns cataloged for further research.

Analysis Scp-XXXX appears to rely on stealth and scare tactics to confuse and demoralize victims. The entity makes extensive use of it's ability to cloak to it's advantage using it to sneak around and assault unsuspecting targets.

Recovery Log – 1: [Coming soon]

Addendum: Scp-XXXX has stated several times that it wishes to ████ while Scp-XXXX has been very cooperative with Foundation Staff all requests have been denied at this time, further requests still pending.

Should SCP-XXXX escape from containment standard lock-down procedure should be enforced. Security forces attempting to recapture SCP-XXXX should be equiped with high caliber weapons and laser sights.

If on-site security failed to contain or neutralize the entity the nearest MTF is to be notified of SCP-XXXX's escape and proceed in search and recovery operations.