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Item #: SCP-4986

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-4986 must be contained in a hydrochloric acid-lined sealed cell made of tantalum. The door must allow SCP-4986 to see through an opening, or else it will become hostile at all times. The cell must be guarded by armed guard personnel starting from 5:54 AM - 11:10 PM. All staff must remain outside the room at all times except in the event of cleansing. Security cameras must be at least 5 meters outside the cell. Security cameras have to be replaced every month. Any damage to the cell other than during the hunting or molting state must be reported to Site Security immediately. Any personnel lost to SCP-4986 will be deemed KIA. Do not attempt to recover any lost personnel by force.

Description: SCP-4986 is a humanoid creature that has an elongated pair of arms, legs, and neck. There are no pigments in both the skin and hair, giving it a white tint to the skin and hair. The jaw of SCP-4986 can open to up to 3m and is constantly open at a length of 2m. If unhinged, SCP-4986 can open its jaw to up to 5m. SCP-4986 is incredibly slim and the ribs of SCP-4986 can be visible, though it stands at a height of 7m, and has a slouching figure at almost all times. SCP-4986 has three rows of jagged teeth and a normal sized tongue. SCP-4986 has recently developed the ability to form basic English words. SCP-4986 also has black eyes that can focus on anything in its field of vision simultaneously and SCP-4986 has a layer of skin that has a rough quality at all times except for SCP-4986.

SCP-4986 is highly agile. SCP-4986 will only consume living creatures and refuses to consume any creature that was neutralized before consumption. It also frequently emits loud moans that are hoarse and varies in pitch, though commonly low. This sound has been reported to attract various different SCPs, such as SCP-682 and SCP-049. The sound has been labelled SCP-4986-2.

Every day at exactly 11:11 PM (with occasional exceptions), SCP-4986 will enter a hunting state. SCP-4986 will become incredibly hostile to anything that is in its field of vision. At 11:00 PM, a subject, usually on death row, will be inserted into the cell. SCP-4986’s preferred method of hunting is to open its jaw and to remove the lower legs of the subject. SCP-4986 will then unhinge its jaw entirely and consume the torso of the subject. However, SCP-4986 refuses to eat the head in any circumstance. SCP-4986 then howl loudly for the remainder of the hunting state and will then stop at 5:55 PM. All personnel guarding SCP-4986 during its hostile state will be met with hostility from SCP-4986, who will go to great lengths to attempt to consume the guard personnel.

Approximately every 26 days with occasional exceptions, SCP-4986 wil begin to shed its layer of skin. This process will last 4 days and it will consume any personnel that interrupts the process. The layer of skin will be covered in a grey mucus that acts like acid, and slowly breaks down the shed skin. SCP-4986 has been witnessed to expel the liquid from its mouth.

Addendum 4986-B: Breaches with SCP-4986

First Breach: Breach occurred on ██-██-████. SCP-4986-3 has attracted SCP-682 during a breach. SCP-682 was attracted to the containment cell of SCP-4986 and the two assaulted each other before SCP-682 was recalled back by [REDACTED]. SCP-4986 sustained far more damage than SCP-682, and shed its own skin early by 15 days and did not enter its hunting state for a week. There were █ casualties.

Second Breach: Breach occurred on ██-██-████. Failed to feed SCP-4986 at 11:11 PM. SCP-4986 had expelled grey mucus from its mouth that had broken down the cell walls. It then continued to rampage for nearly the entire process of the hunting state before it was detained and contained. The mucus has been discovered to have no effect on hydrochloric acid.

Third Breach: Breach occurred on ██-██-████. [REDACTED] mentioned SCP-682 outside of the cell of SCP-4986. SCP-4986 entered SCP-4986-2 six hours early and immediately attempted to break through the cell with the grey mucus, but had no effect due to the hydrochloric acid. However, SCP-4986 managed to break through an area that was left unattended by D-Class personnel and consumed all the guards active at the time. Once finished, it returned to its cell willingly. The cell is now entirely coated in hydrochloric acid at the time of the writing of this document.

Fourth Breach: Breach occurred on ██-██-████. SCP-4989 has attracted SCP-049 with SCP-4989-4. When SCP-049 entered SCP-4989’s sight, it immediately attempted to consume SCP-049 but failed to do so from the barrier between them. SCP-049 also attempted to assault SCP-4989, claiming it was contaminated by the Pestilence. SCP-4989 then managed to spit grey mucus on SCP-049, which immediately began to burn through the robes, though having an incredibly slow effect on the robes and barely left a mark after it was removed. The mucus was removed as soon as possible, and SCP-4989 now has a disdain to SCP-049.

Addendum 4986-C: Portion of the recorded transcript from tape recorded on ██-██-████

<Begin Log>
Dr. ████████: So, what are you?
SCP-4986: (attempts to speak)
Dr. ████████: Excuse me?
SCP-4986: (incomprehensible)
Dr. ████████: (to Personnel D-587) See if you can move the mic closer.
SCP-4986: (consumes mic) (incomprehensible)
Dr. ████████: (to Personnel D-587) Get it another one, we can’t pass up this opportunity.
Personnel D-587: (brings another mic to SCP-4986)
Dr. ████████: Do you remember where you came from?
SCP-4986: (growls and attempts to consume Personnel D-587) .. mother…
Dr. ████████: Speak louder.
SCP-4986: (suddenly lunges forward and attempts to assault Dr. xxxxxxxx, but was unable to because of a barrier) (incomprehensible)
Dr. ████████: I can’t do this… we’re done here… (retreats from the room)
<End Log>